Sacred Sexuality

Sacred sexuality represents a lifestyle choice of being present, of tuning into our erotic worlds and embracing all of our desires dark or light from an authentic and honoring perspective. It is grounded in the idea that all parts of us are sacred and that it is how we approach these parts that really matters. Sacred sex education shows us how to listen to what our bodies want from a place of non judgment, how to be more orgasmic, how to consciously move into altered states for transformation and how to feel erotic empowerment by utilizing our sexual energy rather than suppressing it or ignoring it in our evolutionary experience. Sacred sexuality teaches us that in order to truly connect with someone, we first need to connect with ourselves and then we can merge with another in true reverence.

What is contemporary Tantra?

Generally the Sanskrit word Tantra translates as to weave, to liberate, to expand and to be free.

Tantra was developed as a yoga, a philosophy, a practice to understand the inner workings of the energetic being and body from an earthly and spiritual perspective.

Contemporary Tantra is different from traditional forms of Tantra. It is believed that contemporary, neo or “pop” Tantra has evolved into a practice more sexually focused to assist people in need of a more spiritual and connected intimate experience of modern life and sexuality today.

Tantra embrace’s the erotic as a way of connecting to our divine natures because in denying this part of us we are denying our sacred existence. Tantra integrates sexuality as a part of a person’s whole wellbeing and  the Tantriks understanding of sexual energy having the potential be a faster path to enlightenment than other forms of meditation alone.Tantra is a very underground, rebellious and unique practice because essentially it is about acknowledging all of our human desires and worshipping them in full consciousness and love, however they may show themselves.

The Tantric teachings have also offered insight into ancient ways of assisting issues holistically. Many of these “issues” are treated by modern medicine with often little success because many of these “symptoms” are actually calling us to understand our bodies more deeply. These challenges may include premature ejaculation, erection dysfunction, orgasmic difficulties and anxiety.

Tantra teaches us to embrace our bodies with more consciousness, sacredness and empowerment. It is a powerful and fulfilling path to walk.



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About Shaney Marie

Shaney is a sex positive New Zealander who dedicates her time learning about the human erotic experience and its spiritual connection.

Throughout her many years within the erotic dance industry, Shaney recognized a missing link in the realm of sexuality and sexual wholeness. It saddened her to see the human relationship to sex being so disrespected, misunderstood and distorted yet she knew that erotic energy could transform and heal lives for the better of all!

Since 2010 Shaney has been seeing clients from a private practice in Melbourne Australia. She is on a continual search to find and understand deeper ways to embody and teach more authentic and meaningful connections. Shaney has seen with her own eyes how sacred sexuality can empower people and awaken them from the dis-empowered place of not being satisfied in the way our inner knowing informs us.

Shaney is influenced by some of the leading pioneers of the contemporary Tantra movement, including Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Barbara Carrellas, Dossie Easton and Kerry and Diane Riley. Shaney is also a Dancing Eros teacher.





The work I have done with Shaney has been some of the most confronting, enriching, terrifying, loving, and NOURISHING I have done in my life thus far. This beautiful art of love has opened a new world to me, full of vibrant colours, radiant light, tantalizing tastes, rich emotion, and heart-felt love. And I’ve been incredibly blessed to have such a wonderful guide throughout the unfolding process.
Shaney is very connected to her sexual energy, to her very being and her body. This is why she is such an incredible facilitator. Not only could I witness what’s possible, I could feel it. The space Shaney held during the Workshop was nurturing and safe, empowering me to explore. It takes a lot of trust to reveal yourself openly and I thank Shaney for guiding me past the gate of my sexuality and inspiring me to go higher. Thank you so much Shaney!
She has taught me a lot of things that have changed me and have made my life experience significantly richer and more meaningful. I got to here, because I decided I wanted to try Tantra in order to surpass an issue with premature ejaculation. I am very glad I did this, Shaney gave me a holistic approach that allowed to me move forward and have control over the issue. I would absolutely recommend anyone to work with her. I may have come to her because I had a problem that I wanted to leave behind, but I’m sure that even without any problems or issues, anyone that comes into contact with her teachings will grow out the experiences shared and will be a happier person, as I am.
She is a gifted teacher, with the ability to pass on her knowledge whilst creating an environment of safety, confidence and warmth.
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