Shaney Marie

Shaney Marie is a transformational leader in the realm of erotic mysteries.

A guide for those who recognise that there is a greater awakening to be had regarding the power of sexual majesty and the sacred erotic codes of consciousness.

Through dance, contemporary tantra, alchemy and ritual, Shaney believes that every person has a magic portal into their unique erotic depth’s and that our sexuality holds an incredible intelligence that is threaded through the entirety of every area of our lives.

Shaney works intensively 1.1 with clients, is a group facilitator, an international speaker, a writer and creates programs that have changed people’s entire experience of themselves, their relationships and life.

Skilled in the art of revealing truth, seeing into people and supporting you to tap into your embodied wisdom, Shaney is a guide for those who seek depth and are ready for an evolutionary jump in their sensual, erotic, emotional and creative brilliance.

Transmitting deep erotic embodiment and showing people that they have a universe of possibility within them, Shaney walks her talk carrying an extraordinary wisdom of erotic empowerment and the sacred sexual arts within her very essence.

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I loved doing this little piece with Juliet.  Click below to listen! THE MAGIC OF EROTIC DANCE AND WORSHIPPING MEN "In this episode of Authentic Sex Juliet invites Tantrica, Shaney Marie, onto the show to talk about her journey into the magic of erotic dance and share...

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Transformation and personal development is not a selfish pursuit (if you do it in the right way). It’s not all 'me me me'..... only in the beginning as you learn about what you need to be fucking healthy and highly functioning. Even then it can still be perceived as...

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When the message flooded through me to create and run the awakening men program 4 years ago, I was in a relationship where I felt powerless. Not because the man I was with had any form of power over me, but because I allowed myself to believe that I was a victim to...

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