Let’s be honest…women can be grossly predatory too.

However, the female predator slips under the radar more than a man, because we expect it less from a woman.

I have witnessed and heard countless stories of the female predator in action. I even know men who have experienced situations that in most people’s books would be considered sexual assault or rape. Yet often the man wouldn’t even consider it to be that because men are desperate for sex right? and they will take what they can get?

But men have been conditioned to be as unaware of their boundaries, their ‘Yes’ and ‘No’, their ‘too much’ or ‘too little’… when it comes to personal space with the opposite sex.

Having spent extended periods in female-only spaces, one gets to see a lot of dirty patterns played out. The pressure cooker starts to boil and those dirty little shadows within become harder to hide…the un-owned parts become exposed… it’s super fascinating and something I am not immune to either.

We all have a predator within us…there is a healthy predator, the part of us that goes after what we want..the hunter or the huntress within us.

And then there’s the unhealthy predator, the part of us that is driven from trauma or abuse seeking what was taken. The unhealthy predator goes after something driven from emotional starvation, to satisfy the broken ego’s need for importance, to take from another to feel full and satisfied…. without consideration of the other person’s needs, boundaries or sensitivities.
This can play out both energetically or physically in slippery ways like a sneaky seductive spiders web, luring in her prey.

I’ve seen her blatantly deny her desires while licking her lips. I’ve seen her blame another while playing out the exact same behaviour she blames in those before her.
The female predator seduces, sucks, devours and then plays innocent.

This shit is rife with women in the neo tantra world too. Women who have discovered just how powerful they are sexually without clocking the responsibility that comes with that. Those long eye gazes without the awareness that they might be intruding on this person’s personal space, those “energy orgasms” convulsing through her body in public spaces and those orgasmic hugs to prove just how sexually liberated, orgasmic and powerful she is.

Sexual energy is potent and with the freedom to be sexually expressive without shame comes great responsibility and awareness of how that energy is used AND abused.

Leaking your sexual energy all over men (and women) isn’t sexual empowerment…that’s just gross.

It also does a disservice in encouraging others to jump on the conscious sex train because it’s too much, it’s intrusive and insensitive of where another person is at.

Maintaining awareness around how we are using our sexuality responsibly is really essential on the path of sexual freedom. Maintaining awareness around where your desires to share your sexual energy are coming from is even more important. Just as men have a responsibility to maintain awareness around their sexuality and strength, so do women!

Check your agenda and get to know your inner predator. It’s there hiding in your shadows.