Are you a silent tiger?

A man who doesn’t make sound when he receives & experiences pleasure.

Or maybe you roar just a little, a squeak perhaps or a grunt at ejaculation?

Gentlemen. Your sound is natural. Your bodies original design is to express with your voice the energies moving through it.

And although is may seem unnatural now to try it, that is because your naturalness was taken from you by a society that told you that men need to man up, be silent, dont express, don’t feel, do not celebrate your aliveness….at all costs.

By a society that told you to behave, to shhhhh, dont yell to loud, boy i will whack you if you keep making that racket.

Society stole your pleasure sounds and now it is time to take them back!

To reclaim your body and all its magic.
To have your warrior use his voice so you can be a step closer to true freedom….

Embodied freedom.

You see, it’s not only a woman’s body that is an instrument to be played.

With all your focus on making her cum, pleasuring her, playing her tones…your focus is so on the outer that you have forgotten how to fully receive. And that makes your giving greedy, because in some unconscious way you are sucking on what she emanates and trying to feed yourself with her power rather than meeting her as an equal with your own.

You have your own power that you can bring to the bedroom.

You have your song too.

Our bodies are here to play their own tone AND play each others.

When you sound, you are singing the song of your energy, your eros.

And a woman who knows the power of the pleasure song will celebrate yours, meeting you in rapture as she rides and plays along with yours, and you with hers.

The dance of love and pleasure.

Sing it!

Oh sweet men, let your song be sung.

When you plunge deeply into her waters with your fire wand alight. Find the tones that resonate and vibrate you from the inside out.

Reclaim your pleasure song.
Reclaim your body.
Reclaim your sacred sex.