Stop pretending you are not deep…just stop it.

You did not start to follow me because I post hot pictures.
You did not line up a call with me to talk about my work because I aroused you with something I wrote.

I see what is beyond your stories, stories that you tell because you don’t have the language yet for what you feel.

Your soul recognised that I held something unique, something mysterious, something beyond the physical.

Otherwise, you would never have entered my field, my unique space of sex, depth and magic.

Your attention would have been elsewhere, distracted by RedTube and mainstream porn stars.

You just wouldn’t have found me, you would have skimmed past me or had a look and found a reason not to stay.

Your heart felt a resonance with how I express my heart.

Your sex felt a resonance with how I express my sex.

I smell your fear. Your fear of your feelings. Your fear of your sensitivity. Your fear of your masculine power.

I have heard you tell me how afraid you are of me.

But you are afraid of yourself, of who you truly are underneath all those stories and who you know you can be if you let them go.

Who you can be when you upgrade your consciousness to know there are other untapped universes for you right here, you just need to be reminded, shown the way through the labyrinth of those cobwebbed old pathways.

You are a deep feeling man. It’s time to start owning this. Your power, your magnificence …it resides in your depth.

You are a deep feeling man and I know that you crave a woman who knows herself, speaks her truth, celebrates her free sexual prowess, is hungry for life and all it offers and who will say No with clarity and love and Yes with orgasmic-ness and celebration.

A woman who is unashamedly herself…because you want to be yourself.

You want to step into your king so you can stand proud in your kingdom.

You want to see life through the eyes of your magical magician.

You want to move your bodies pleasure and another’s in the dance of the lovers.

You want to fight for what you know to be right with your warrior anchored in your balls.

To fuck another and yourself open to the divine, the divinity of all of existence…earthly and cosmic glory.

Start here by acknowledging that you are a deep feeling man.

Now say it to yourself and let the words reverberate through every cell of your being.