The best lovers I have had have been the creative ones.

The ones who could conjure up scenes of play from their imaginations.

The ones who had passion in their bellies.

The ones who valued music, the arts, dance and expressions of all kinds.

The ones who loved a good old fucking adventure 🙂


Drama and sex are infused. Well, actually drama and INCREDIBLE SEX are infused.

Drama is a part of the human spirit. It’s woven into our childlike selves, and our ability to play with the innocence of our creative life force.

Sex if fully embodied is an act of the drama.

It’s also a great way to channel your inherent drama if you find that you are creating dramatic madness in your life because that dramatic expression of yours doesn’t have enough room to play in.

Some people’s dramatic sides were shut down fairly early on in life or misdirected.

Maybe it was your dry rule asserting parents that imprinted on you how drama, art, music and creativity were wastes of time and only logic, achievement and science were important.

Or it may have been through modelling emotional instability like rowing with loved ones used as an unconscious exertion of creative energy for relief.

Or you may have even found yourself sabotaging your life with addictions such as drugs, gossip or overeating to subdue your feelings and not make a drama out of your life or you draw too much attention, while unconsciously doing just that.

Through my years of working with clients and early on working specifically as a tantric bodyworker, I got to see how all different types of people express pleasure, sexual energy and emotions.

Interestingly and not surprisingly, it was the more emotionally dramatic ones that often were the first people to learn how to drop into full-body energy orgasms. It was the ones who were not hindered by their minds rules and regiments of how one “should” behave. It was the ones who weren’t afraid of being too vocal, to energetic, to weird.

Everyone has the potential for creativity…everyone has a dramatic side.
And if you think you don’t, i know that it’s just been repressed. Your dramatic side comes from the glorious play of your inner child’s imaginations and feelings…and everyone has an inner child.

So embrace your dramatic side in sex.
Let your passions turn you a bit madly outrageous. Be uninhibited. Research the arts of sex and learn from teachers to refine your “drama” skills. Approach sex and intimacy as a playground. Take risks. Go on sexual adventures. Explore everywhere but the genitals. Explore only the genitals in weird and wonderful ways of worship. Have sex in random places. Make up stories and play roles. Create rituals.

Learn to activate and direct your dramatic self in sex.

Your imagination is your only limitation.

Judge nothing and embrace all parts in yourself and in others.

Sex is an alchemical process of magic and we all have different ways of connecting to magic.

Creativity is a direct connection to your spirituality and we are are all spiritual artists somewhere in there!

It’s about connecting you to your direct stream of creativity and drama and sometimes you need help with that.

///// Sex, drama and creativity are my jam. Want support in activating these parts of your human expression…get in touch.

Image by James Looker for the @the_vortex_official