Every single woman has a unique labyrinth within.

This labyrinth has hidden energetic ally-ways shrouded in darkness only needing to be lit up by a torch holding seeker.

This labyrinth has secret doorways that will open if one bows at the altar on entry and whispers the secret words of activation.

This labyrinth has grand portals ready to receive dam fulls of energy, if only you were willing enough to let it all go, to dive off the edge and to surrender into the abyss.

This labyrinth has archways that command you to expand yourself open and stretch your limbs out wide so that the pleasures can move to every finger, toe and hair follicle.

This labyrinth has guardians of all types ready to play. Naughty creatures of trickery, grand goddesses of the divine, dark entities of wrath. They lure, tickle and entice and when you honour them they alight and rain upon you such delights!

Each woman’s labyrinth is unique, it’s no carbon copy. You have to be crafty, determined and willing. You have to listen to the body, you have to see what is not obvious to the eye. You have to be masterful. You have to own that you are a conductor of power. You have to be an adventurer of your own inner world who finds wonder in seeking new pleasures on a path already travelled.

Each woman can learn how to travel her labyrinth. And it changes shape constantly, a labyrinth wasn’t made to be easy. It was made to be mysterious. You have to see with fresh eyes, be willing to feel in the dark and find excitement in the opportunity to open yourself to the unknown.