The yoni. Encompassing the womb, vagina and vulva. So beautiful, powerful and sacred.
Revered for her mysterious superpowers of bringing forth new life. Holding the power of magnetism, calling into her the sacred seed and shining the radiance of pleasure onto all.

The pussy. Idolised, Polished and primed. Cleaned and suffocated in scents to disguise her natural perfume’s. Cut and shaped into the model of perfection. Told she needs to be prettier, smaller, thinner, tighter.

The cunt. Fetishised and shamed all in one. Degraded, raped, tormented. Used as a slang word to reinforce shame upon women and their sexual organs. The most hated and vulgar word anyone could utter, still to this day.

The history of the vagina is a long and varied one.

Since the beginning of time the womb, vagina and vulva have been a mystery to humanity.

In this modern world of pussy reclamation, we now see a trend of women reclaiming their private bits! And for good reason!

It was only in the last 20 years that the clitoral legs were introduced into medical journals.

Scientists are still debating today whether female ejaculation is urine or an alkaline substance designed to support the longevity of sperm (and of course release hormones of pleasure in the vagina owner herself).

In Australian porn, it is the law that the inner labia (labia minora) be photoshopped to look like a carbon copy of the “ideal” and appropriate vagina. What kind of standard does that unconsciously code in young girls and women’s minds?

Well, Vaginoplasty is now the most popular surgery in Australia because porn promotes a tucked and “perfect” pussy that is now regarded as “norm” and anything outside of that is abnormal and ugly.

Women standing up and speaking up for the variety of their pussys is a very important task to shred apart the power that society has collectively held over what is a normal part of the human body in all her variations.

In a recent article on Mamamia, it showcased the hilarious engagement of commentary form a large amount of outspoken and vulgar women. They were posting on Instagram shop “beginning boutique” and its images showcasing their bikini bottoms that were fit for a particular type of body shape with a particular type of genitalia.

“Regular” women bit back in a surge of humour gathering the internet’s very best of vaginal comedy, that sparked giggles in most readers.

I too found it hilarious and actually very liberating because, in a climate where women have been degraded and easily offended, nothing can alchemise centuries of shame like humour can. To see women of all types, spark humour about an area that has been shamed, fetishised and made wrong is liberating and healing.

But of course some people also took offence and felt that the jokes were in fact body-shaming the clearly very beautiful models in the images and their particular type of yonis; and fair enough because there is also evidence stating that the way a woman’s vagina is spoken to affects her brain and her relationship to her pussy on a neural level.

As a workshop facilitator who has taught numerous workshops celebrating the golden pussy, I have seen in variation how women relate to their yonis.
Some recognise and approach it as the utterly sacred female receptivity organ it is. And others cannot stop laughing finding the best and most comfortable way to relate to her is with degradation and humour.

I am here to point out that there is medicine in both approaches, but when one or the other becomes top-heavy then we miss the point of balance.

What this online viral debacle got me thinking about was the ancient greek goddess Baubo.

Baubo, the sacred fool; was depicted as being a vulva on 2 legs. She was renowned for her laughing flaps and jesting qualities pestering the goddess Demeter who was mourning the death of her daughter. She instigated laughter with wittiness and vulgarity by pulling up her dress. She was celebrated as the female bawdy humour and was renowned as being sexually liberated.

I translate her humour as lifting up our vaginas out of shame induced depression into liberation! She is both sacred and irreverent, a perfect balance of both phenomenons.
I see her in this article, making fun, being light. She reminds us to laugh, play, poke fun and not take it all so seriously.

The medicine of the humorous article speaks to the vastness of the state of female genitalia. We would all do a hell of a lot better if we didn’t take things so personally and feel victimised by what others say which is exactly what this post’s comments are promoting.

But also, there can be a danger if it is only through degradation and humour that a woman addresses her genitalia because in its overactive nature it can diminish what is also a deeply sacred and powerful place of a woman’s body that ALSO requires reverence, love and worship.

Therefore what is appropriate in some instances may not be in another.

A balance of reverence and irreverence is a healthy way to approach our juicy bits.

Women’s vaginas/vulvas change over our lives.
Through childbirth, through ageing, through complications like prolapse from birthing, through infection, STI’s and so on.

And therefore there needs to be a lightness in how we view our genitals mixed with deep respect and care.
So let’s take this lesson from Baubo the SACRED fool.

Your pussy is worthy of tender love and worship as well as a little joke here and there.