Eroticism is a spectacular innate carnal phenomenon of being an earth creature.

Paganism, a “religion” of the earth celebrated nature’s eroticism and in some debaucherous ways.

Mass orgies, ritual sacrifice and mythological fantasies were played out in full permissive exploration and devotion, sometimes leading to death.

Personally, I’m glad that some of these acts were stomped out with the high ordered morale of the Sky religions because I do not want to be killed in the name of the gods or be flayed in an act of mythological reenactment.

However our pagan natures still live within us and exploring these parts of us in symbolic rites is a liberating act of the inner artist, animal and human; honouring how deeply nature lives within us.

To explore one’s psyche and meet different parts of self is so freeing.
To recognise that we are one with nature as fierce killers and loving innocents both within the same breath.

No matter how much a person tries to numb out a part of one’s animal self, it can never fully be executed for it then manifests in madness born from denial and stagnation of spirit, often showing up in the form of dogmatic oppressors or severe mental health issues. Disconnection to the natural self = disembodied soul.

Why is it that when death is present such as a relationship ending, the hunger and desire for that person often rises 1000x. Why is it that when we get too comfortable and familiar, too safe, our sex life suffers?

Because the pagans were onto something.
Sex and death are intertwined, inseparable phenomenons of nature.

The pagans probably lived too far on the side of chaos.
The Christians probably lived too far on the side of order.

To dance the middle path is the dance of aliveness. This is how you keep your erotic body alive!

There’s so much for me to say on this but I’ll save it for my private groups but let’s just say, understanding this phenomenon and knowing how to listen deeply to the animal within, is the very antidote to a low libido and sex drive.