Aliveness comes when we speak our truth. When we enter the terrain of vulnerable and intimate confrontation.

When we confront ourselves and those we relate to with a willingness to feel the shit and clear the air.

When we choose to speak on behalf of the Truth, Truth that is intricately unique and yet lives and breathes within each soul and body.

We set ourselves free.

And yet, we are scared.

You could say we are scared of truly being alive.

Of venturing into the terrain of discomfort and raw honesty.

But the cost of not doing so?

A deadening.
An unconscious addiction to drama.
Sabotage of self and all relationships most dear to us.
A life lived completely against the song of our souls.
A life lived out reacting from our shadow selves.
A life that slowly gets destroyed and all potential of possibility gets further and further away.

For when we avoid confrontation with ourselves and those around us, we create more pain in our avoidance, the very thing we are thinking that we are escaping…just comes back around and hits us harder.

Confrontational intimacy has the potential to call you into the divine truth of self.
Confrontational intimacy has the power to bring people closer or burn away attachments that no longer serve.
Confrontational intimacy pushes growth and transformation, escalating your evolution as well as the world’s.

And yet you still avoid it.

Avoid speaking for your heart and for the sensitivities inside of you that feel so hard to touch.

And this costs you your freedom…

Freedom to feel alive.
Freedom to feel joy, pleasure, gratitude.
Freedom to deepen into relationships to a new degree.
Freedom to follow the truth of what you are here to be and at what capacity.

It may feel easier to avoid those subtle cues moving, reacting, contracting within. But it’s not.

Ignoring the wisdom of THAT communication is like leaving poison in your wounds and it slowly eats you alive.

To fully anchor into this body and this world, requires an acceptance of radical intimacy and confrontational relating.

A recognition that in order to feel alive one must feel ALL OF IT and respond accordingly.

To love life is not just to love the good bits. It’s to love all of it.
If you are choosing to love only the good bits then you are only half living.
And resistance contributes to half-lived lives.

Deep connection comes from sitting in the flames and burning away all the ego is using to hide the truth of the heart.
All the ways in which the ego is “intelligently” trying to protect you from feeling the dark stab of pain that comes from being here fully and living as a human.

The term “follow your bliss” is a cop-out.
It teaches us that things need to only feel good and anything that is intensely testing or uncomfortable means we are “not on the right path”.

It creates an excuse for the overactive hedonistic nature of the human ego to only seek what feels “good”.

It does not lead to fulfilment, it leads to chasing the good feelings then wondering why you get hit so hard with those shitty feels and why deep down you know something ain’t right.

Fuck following your bliss. Follow all of you and find that tone of truth. The tone of truth that ignites your aliveness in all its variations.


The aliveness of what makes you feel ACTIVATED.

What scares you.

What turns you on.

What soothes you.

What brings up mad resistance.

What clears out stagnation so you can feel again.

What makes you want to crawl away and not say the thing you want to say because you know it will be deeply transformational.

What makes you feel like you’re on the edge.

What makes your heart sing.

What makes you afraid.

What ignites you.

Confusing ease for laziness does not lead to the fulfilment of your deepest yearnings.

Life wasn’t meant to be “easeful” and served on a lovely pleasure-filled platter.

Moving towards the things that wake you up so you move towards your dreams with more poignant direction requires your courage.

Be courageous and follow the path of aliveness and all in which that aliveness entails.

Take the leap into the “danger” zone of vulnerability and courage.

You may find that true bliss is available to you in the most unexpected places…the places that you have been afraid to go.


For those who do not follow me or are not clear on the principles from which I live, I want to acknowledge that what I say in one limited post is one tiny aspect of the full spectrum. I believe that every single energy and aspect of our existence serves us and therefore nothing I say is in absolute or rigid, it is constantly moving, changing and evolving.