There is a HUGE misconception of what sacred sex means.

That sacred sex is an only sensuous lovey-dovey heart centred expression of the enlightened human carnal desires.

That sacred sex is namastes, incense and only seeing your beloved with the best of them in your eyes.

That sacred sex is a form of controlled desire resurrecting oneself out of the pain and urge of sexual hunger.

But no.

Everything is sacred, even the most hideous animalistic brutality that arises through the wild uninhibited sexual expression. Because that too is love.

The love to destroy, survive and rise.

The new age conscious sex world and neo tantra scene are rampant with the bypassing of the feral animal instinct, much the same as Christian puritanical oppression of the chaotic and demonic animals that live within our naturalness.

Kindness is a wonderful trait to harness.

But it is not all of you.

Romantic heart open sexual expression is beautiful qualities to tend to.

But they are not all of you.

Light is a beautiful force to reckon with.

But you are also deep bloody darkness.

You are a savagely carnal desire fuelled creature and have a wild animal within you…and no it can not be tamed.

Nature is a brutal force and you are apart of nature and that can never be deleted from your fleshly biped blueprint.

To journey with your most natural base instincts, to welcome them and explore them with consciousness is a great force of self-actualization.

The keyword here is CONSCIOUSNESS.

Developing your consciousness enough to know when you are repressing your desires, leaving them to be exerted from your unexpressed and distorted shadows and then knowing when you are acting in complete service to your higher self.

Owning your animal does not mean you have an excuse to act out your dysfunctions. But acknowledging your animal brings a great sense of wild power to your vessel.

Much greater than chasing a path of ascension, for the descent and madness of sexual rapture in all its voracity is also a part of the spirit of consciousness.

The truth is…

You will always desire to lose yourself in rapture with another who is not your beloved committed partner.

That some men will always have the desire to fuck other men for the hell of it.

Women will always compete through beauty and devour each other through their sensual delights.

Queers, transgendered and intersex creatures will always be a part of this chaotic animal kingdom reminding us to get out of our tightly constructed ideals of who we think we are.

Nature has no rules. What insanity it is that we humans and our contorted superiority think we can convince our animalistic natures to pack up and leave?

Nature is savage and glorious.

The new age of enlightenment is here and it involves OWNING ALL THAT YOU ARE and yet not being controlled by any one part.

That is the sweet taste of dirty freedom.