Tantra in its essence is about weaving deeply with the energies of life. It is about expanding out to your fullest (the macrocosm) but also about becoming deeply refined in your senses of the inner world (the microcosm). To weave yourself among the finest threads and molecules of your existence while feeling how you are also interconnected with the furthest star in the cosmos.

It is both equally about being big as well as being small, about realizing that you are the shitty things and the brilliant things at the same time and all of it is sacred; however it is through the heart that these realizations truly take form, where tantra really works its magic as an embodied philosophy, I believe the heart is the home of the tantric wisdom.

New age tantra often can put more emphasis on the bigness, the explosions, the blowing out of sensations and sex…so much obsession with sex. The number of emails I have received from men wanting tantra massages because they want a big experience could cover a scroll from here to India. And while the path of pleasure is an important one for experiencing the greatest of our lives on this earth…so is the path of pain…in equal amount, one would hope.

And although I don’t qualify myself as a scholar and have no desire to, I acknowledge it would take lifetimes of study and experience to truly touch the greatest of this brilliant philosophy. What I do know is the big missing link that many do not seem to understand is that tantra is a life practice that encompasses the erotic realm but is not limited too. It is a framework of life mastery on every level and while sex is a great portal to start the awakening many can get stuck on it and miss the whole point of the practice itself.

I go in and out of wanting to be aligned to the word “tantra” even though its modern form has given me some of the greatest gifts of my life, and I feel this way because I see so many people violating themselves and others from their lack of understanding.
It is not a practice to hide from your trauma and wounds, to disassociate from your pain body, it is not designed to support your escapism and your over elated spiritualism; but rather to bring you into the love of all of those things you are afraid of feeling.

There is a lot of tantric bashing going on out there because of these people as well as other people not understanding its highest purpose.
I want to honor the tantric philosophy and all the people who were apart of bringing some of it to the west. It is not a perfect interpretation but it has so much magic hidden within it and to be discovered. I am forever grateful for what these modern teachers were so courageous in doing and I hope it will only keep evolving and shining its love onto the world as more people truly represent it in the way it deserves.

I guess though in the true spirit of tantra it is only fitting that it stirs the pot, for it is a path of rebellion and awakening from the docile slumber of normality.