Terrible things happen in this world. It’s a part of how the universe is cultivated.

Chaos forms matter, then matter creates chaos and the cycle repeats.

Nature is full of stunning torment.

Beautiful flowers that lure in and slowly poison insects for their own feeding.

Trees that compete for the sun and drop branches in the pursuit to take out the new growth below.

Animals that predate on, gang up and devour innocent babies.

Men and women living out a primal war, in an unconscious race of consuming each other’s power, in pursuit of wholeness.

And all this as “god’s work”.

We are not designed to be harmonious. Harmony is a state of flux, a gift that comes and goes like everything else. True freedom comes when the very things you fear are loved.

The universe is full of carnage. The colliding of matter is apart of its own make up. Destruction is the very thing that evolves life up into the light. Then it tears it down again.

I do not wish upon anyone to endure life’s pain, and yet without it you are incompetent, flaccid, unequipped and boring as hell.

A life on Facebook fuming over politics is not the life you were designed for.
A life blaming others for your pain is not what activates your brilliance
A life of safety handed on a silver platter does not build resilience.

You were designed to thrive and thriving comes through rising above your challenges.

I have been hurt. I have been dragged down the street and beaten with bleeding wounds.

But I am no victim, and neither are you.

My pain experiences have given me an edge that only I can sharpen with my will.

No matter what happened, there is no one to blame. Souls birth into human form to endure the test of life. How at peace can we be with what we have been served?

How much can we overcome our own victim stories so that we can better serve life in our greatest potential, free of the weight of projected pain?

You are useless without resilience. You cannot help those “poor children” if you yourself are hung up on how unfair life is.

You are a dark warrior, stop pretending you are a pushover.

The pain you have endured is a power source of golden wildfire.

The most potent transformations I have experienced were the “unethical” ones, the spaces where rebels were leading the way.

The ones where we went all in, to the dark and traversed the realms of the underworld conjuring up its riches through states of madness.

Moddecoddleing turns you into a caged mouse, and it steals your potency.

I will not have my wildness stifled for your old world paradigm of policing my body, my process, my raw wisdom but most of all my freedom to show up in raw-firey truth.

I will stand in harm’s way with my sword in hand and weave magic with the wounds I endure.

And I will teach my clients to do the same.

I am not here to protect you. I am not here to be a perfect unblemished leader who has it all together and frankly that does not inspire me one little bit.

I am here to stand in my mess and show up again, again and again with whatever life throws at me.

To stand in the authority of MY NATURE and no matter what, never back down from the truth that is I love all of this experience of life; its death and its creation.

And what I love and yearn for….is knowing you are free. Free from the stories that anyone else has power over you in any way shape or form.

Life isn’t nice and caging your wild essence weakens you, so turn towards its red eyes and welcome it with the licking of your lips.

I do not condone the stifling of your wild nature.

That is not freedom.

Freedom is remembering that you are the master of your existence and nature is your ally even when you feel like it’s your enemy.