A female’s power comes from the inside.

Like a deeply buried treasure conjured up from a place that cannot be seen.

A woman holds the mystery of creation.
Her genitals and reproductive organs are hidden by design.

There has always and will always be a sense of mystery to the female body.

Life is formed from the subtle weaving of the internal frequency, formed via a blueprint passed on from female to female, to female.

The female body holds the great capacity for creative genius to be stirred and birthed into form.

Yes we are more than our bodies, but we are also our bodies.

When I see my clients come into deeper reverence of the mysterious wisdom of their bodies and sexual manifestations, something shifts.

It’s like they anchor into themselves with more steadiness and self-conviction. Not over-identified with the body but respecting it as a sacred tool on the path for true awakening.

When we renounce our bodies and their brilliance, we deny ourselves the gift of being fully here to conduct what it is we have the potential to fulfil.

Is it no wonder that so many women struggle to take up space in this world when they struggle to take up space even in their own physical formation!

The more you reject your body or parts of it, the more it demands of you.

The more you connect to your body, the more it relaxes into the earth. The energy then can move you in the direction of aliveness, living out your soul’s calling.