Transformation and personal development is not a selfish pursuit (if you do it in the right way).

It’s not all ‘me me me’….. only in the beginning as you learn about what you need to be fucking healthy and highly functioning.
Even then it can still be perceived as ‘me me me’ by people who hold shame about their unexpressed potentials.

Starving polar bears roaming the cities scavenging for food. Refugees who have spent 20 years in camps after escaping war-torn countries.

These tragedies motivate me to clear all my bullshit beliefs out of the way that is keeping me small; so I have greater energy and capacity to build an empire that can create a more profound impact on this world and what it needs to thrive!

Coaching from my home is not my greatest long term purpose, but things are shifting mighty fast.

Doing what I do now and how I do it is a stepping stone towards something much more impactful and long-lasting.

Inner work can seem narcissistic with what is happening right now in the world, but it’s not. There are stages to our development and frankly, most people are stunted.

Cmon! it’s time to start playing a bigger game, who’s with me?

Your relationship issues, your depressive states, your lack of “purpose” are all symptoms of not recognising how fucking powerful you are.

It is through recognising how powerful you are that you start to make real lasting changes in this world and live from a place of divine truth.

To know in every cell of you that you are a force to be reckoned with.

The more people recognise this, the more we band together.

I’m not talking ‘white lightey’ let’s all come into love. There is a fucking fierceness of passion and DARK love required for this next evolutionary step.

But you gotta get real, real fucking honest about how you have been lying to yourself about who you are.

This world is drowning in our shadows, the unintegrated parts of our psyches.

It’s not the authorities or the governments, they are a fucking reflection of where we have ALL given our power over!

Start taking our power back, but by being the authority of your own domain (your body and mind) and watch how fast those structures out there shift.

We have to get our warriors on, the power of Aries to motivate us to fight the demons of our making.

Our own demons, start there and then make your move.

You are being asked to show up. Like really fucking show up.

For yourself. Look at yourself. Invest in yourself. Collapse the programs that kept you in states of sleepiness.

And then……your divine purpose for this life living in this world will come knocking so hard that you won’t be able to ignore it.

It will be right in front of you and everything you thought was so hard before somehow dissolved and you magically become a superhuman.