In my line of work I really get to see people…like REALLY see them.

I see them in there most vulnerable, unguarded ways… I feel the truth of who they are.

I get to know the little children within, trying their best to protect themselves from a scary and mean world.

I realise I see people in ways many others do not, I see the world differently than many of my peers and I see that people are walking around in life with their protective suits on trying to stay safe and sometimes that suit may be a super big shiny ego.

So here’s a little secret.

The self-righteous, big-mouthed, invulnerable suit is a tactic to hide…very strategically designed to hide the squishy sensitive and fragile human (often child) underneath.

Protecting those parts that have never been heard, soothed or loved.

It’s all a facade, smoky mirrors, glamour magick.

My work and my brave clients who have bared all have given me possibly the most valuable and greatest gift of my life.


I see so much hate around me. In politics, in social media. Everyone’s got a finger to point and someone to rip down.

People proclaiming they want peace and love but are ready to take down the next person that challenges their views.

The inner voice inside can be a mean nasty fucker where an unconscious agreement has been made that it is ok to lash out but only within certain boundaries such as to those people I perceive as bad or wrong. But we have got to have somewhere to unleash the demons inside and I know because I am not immune to my own inner demons playing games to keep me on top.

What I have seen myself and my close colleagues provide for people is safe containers to unleash those repressed monsters so they are less likely to run rampage wreaking havoc in your life, finding yourself projecting shit onto people you know or in some cases, don’t know!

The human experience is hard because we feel SO MUCH.

Your ego is here to protect you but sometimes it ends up perpetuating the pain you are so desperately trying to avoid.

Start by giving thanks to your ego. It’s doing the best it knows how.
Get to know your protective suit with an inquiry.
….And watch the world transform within and around you.

Compassion for the human experience.