A majority of humans have dysfunction that is crippling us all.

It’s the dysfunction of playing small.

We all want the world to be a better place.

A safer place.

A more progressive place.

And yet many of us act as though we are in danger and we are hiding from preys, the prey of simply being alive in the world.

This fear frequency we are emitting is generating a state that breeds more danger because we expect it and when we expect something, it manifests in one way or another.

It’s kind of an oxymoron because the antidote to danger is not shrivelling away into our little human pain bodies, it’s the opposite…it’s expanding out, taking up space and showing up at a greater capacity!

But to do that we have to face ourselves. We have to take risks and do things that may ostracise us from the team. We have to jump over the canyon and trust that we will make it over alive because we were courageous enough to believe in something worth leaping for.

You see, the real danger is not what we think it is.

The real danger is our cowardness to really face the truth.

The truth being…

We are far greater than anything currently playing out in the realms of politics.

We are far greater than our little opposing viewpoints of us against them.

We are far greater than our humanness, our pain body and our trauma experiences.

Within every one of us, we hold a flame that burns a never-ending torch of divine truth; but to access the purity of the inner flame we must release all the stories that have held us hostage to our suffering.

Tall poppy syndrome plays into this dysfunction and there is a consent that happens, a part of us that says “Ok I’ll be small if it means I will fit in”.

For all the people I coach, their biggest fear is not failing.
It’s that they will be judged by those around them including people they respect, for expressing what is important to them.

Essentially they are afraid to shine their essence.

Seriously how fucking sad is that.

Because everyone is out to take each other down.

So here we are, holding each other back, making each other wrong, shaming each other for our different viewpoints and for what? For the illusion of creating safety? For the illusion of being “right”?

Is remaining stuck in our stories where we are familiar and at home in our identities, really the purpose of all this?

This safety is a fantasy, a temporary bandaid to subdue ourselves and not feel what it is to poke your head up and shine as your true self in all your colours!

An expression of the cosmic power that moves through you!

But everyone wants to be liked, by somebody.

And for as long as people are afraid to ruffle some feathers, blaze their fire, come into confrontation and spark some interest by sharing the uniqueness that is them; humanity will forever be held back, bound to a dimension that is obsessed with conformity, niceties and enablers of limitation.

But let me tell you something.

When you allow that edge of difference that burns inside of you to be seen, it adds something a little more “extra” to your style, a little more texture and pattern to your vibe.

Because each one of us holds a unique combination of universal energy, a particular potency and magnetism that is destined to vibrate and shine out onto the world and mark its unique signature into the organism that is us as a collective race.

But for as long as you continue to choose to live a life of smallness; of disempowered stories, of fear and avoidance…you will never fully express the magic that is you.

And that would be a real tragedy.

You are here to live, like really live!

And to do wonderful things in the experience of living.
Things that can lift the spirit of humanity in a way that almost seems unfathomable.

But you have to take responsibility for your own making, for your own shine and take brave steps into those places that scare you.

Great courage is required to shed those old hagged coats that are weighing you down.

But like all things, courage is a choice.

A choice of moving as fierce love.