As the world of workshops continues to expand at a rapid rate and while more people are choosing personal development immersions over weekend drinking sessions, the quality of leaders in this field is being asked to “level up” or “in” if they are to survive the saturation of “teachers” and offerings within the alternative learning field.

So many people who have been studying in the realms of transformation want to teach it, want to make a living from the things they are most passionate about. They want to be apart of the experience of changing peoples lives. I get it….because I live it.

I feel like I have gone through initiation after initiation when it has come to stepping out into the world and sharing my work in group format over the last 7 years full time. It has been my biggest learning challenge (next to intimate relating).

My intense fear of public speaking has had me on a long transformational train putting myself in the firing line to overcome my fear body.

From the early days where I would be completely debilitated after an event because of my deep shame about my “performance”, to fucking up the delivery of practices, to finding myself in epic freeze mode, to doing stupid as shit that crossed the line, to stepping back completely and offering nothing while I integrated, re formatted and de constructed the trauma I kept repatterning as I pushed myself into doing things I was contracted around…fuck it has been a roller coaster.

Putting oneself in front of an audience ready to learn, and tear you down if you do a “bad job; is so fucking vulnerable!

And we are all our own worst critics. We all know the standard in which we want to offer from but the body has to catch up with the vision and that means navigating the challenges of trial and error before total assimilation of that which is your unique leadership style.

There are three things I want to share that I have found to make a potent leader. There are many more but you would have to work with me to receive a deeper insight into those.

🖤 Owning your ESSENCE
Essence is essentially your innate and unique creative power.

Every person has a unique quality that attracts your people and detracts those who are not for you (or you for them).

Your essence is your master key but the only way to really get to your essence is to become really attuned to your inner world and the gifts that naturally are conjured up from your depths which you generally cant see very clearly.

So many people don’t know who they are, what they particularly bring and are trying to copy other people to form their “identity” of work. This is a normal part of the development and hence why it is important to have good mentors you can spring board from, but if your trying to be something or someone else, trying to teach things you don’t yet understand deeply yourself in an embodied sense, It’s fake and anyone switched on enough will smell it a mile off.

Thing is, most people are not switched on enough to pick it up and so they fall for the glamour magic of it all (which is probably those peoples perfect clients anyway). Theres so many leaders out there that are straight up just good marketers (which is a very important thing to be able to do in this field) if you have any hope of reaching your goals. However if you move to fast to soon in trying to assert or prove something without the solid ground work, you will meet a lot of challenges that will slow you down even more than having taken your time (I did it that way, ouch!)

🖤 You have to own your AUTHORITY because if you don’t you won’t penetrate the space and if you don’t actually believe in your authority which most people don’t because they are to busy trying to be nice, apologising and being politically correct; faking authority or trying it on to be convincing will lead to a disaster of power play and a great big mess that will de-rail you energetically.

Authority is a tricky one because in these times where its coming out how much people of authority have taken advantage, it’s gotten a bad wrap…however without it deep change doesn’t really happen.

A person who in their authority running a clean channel will naturally inspire those learning from them to also anchor the tone of authority.

A person pushing authority through a dirty channel with an unconscious agenda will perpetuate unhealthy power dynamics keeping people in victim states with a lacking of discernment for what they need.

When you fully understand what it is that is genuinely yours to own as YOUR AUTHORITY you then will meet a space of…

The most powerful of teachers offer a palatable transmission. If this transmission is stressed, anxious, nervous, uptight…the room will feel it (mostly unconsciously) because you are holding the centre point of energy and therefore your transmitters are feeding out to everyone in the space determining the level of depth, receptivity and transformation they are to receive.

Being relaxed while everyone has their goggley eyes on you is easier said than done, but its an essential piece for really creating a healthy learning/transformational state.

Relaxation welcomes a softness even if the words being spoken are potent and hard to receive truths.

Relaxed leadership is such a beautiful state to sit in for anyone who has the leadership genes in them.

Transmission from a master of their own art who own’s their uniqueness is much more attractive than a delivery of doing all “the right things”. But yes first you have got to get the steps together.

The facilitator who moves the energy of the group towards a state of self empowerment is working themselves out of a job so they can move onto new things. THIS IS GOOD!

The new facilitator’s who actually make big enough ripples in this world to generate a sustainable lifestyle (that will then fund their next big vision for humanity) will need to stand out.

Standing out requires turning oneself into an artistic expression of ones truest core frequency while also having all the right bits in place to create sound events and manage teams.

Its a tough journey, not for the faint hearted because dealing with collective energy and its shadows, is a epic journey to embark on.

The level in which one has to show up to remain in integrity is demanding.

But personally I wouldn’t have it any other way.