One of the biggest fears people have about transformational work is knowing that things will change.

People who were in a familiar place of safety for the old you will now not look or feel the same as before.

The things that “satisfied” you will no longer be sufficient because you will realise that you are playing a bigger game on a bigger planet, within an infinite cosmos.

The identity you once held onto and how people “liked” you, will now feel alien.

People will fall away. They will find every reason why you are now “wrong” and you will also find yourself finding ways to push them away even more. Deep down you know that cutting those ties is an injection of freshness into your spirit, even though you fight having to do so because of your genuine human fear of experiencing the pain of loss.

This can be really hard and why it is so terrifying to show up, but what I have found is….the more the terror the greater the shifts.

Transformational work is not therapy, although therapy can certainly be transformational and transformational work can also work therapeutic wonders.

Transformational work is born from the recognition that at the core of your very being is a star holding your greatest potential but you forgot.

Transformational work is about Remembering.

And that core aspect holds your true essence and the strength that is available to you in that place blows out all the bullshit that has had you suffering for far…..too…..long.

The journey is a mystery, an awakening and a remembering; But it doesn’t make “sense”.

Transformational work sheds the layers blocking you from being in direct connection to your most original source of ignition, inspiration and aliveness.

It is a courageous act of truth-seeking. Anyone who refuses to choose this path of radical honesty will dissolve into the orgasm “of their own sorts” finding it safer to stay in the comfort of the familiar.

But the thing is that if you embark on the journey and take the tests your soul is asking of you, you won’t lose everyone.

There will be some who come along with you, where your courage inspires them and vice versa, you raise together. And then there are the ones you never imagined could come into your life, a new calibre of human that from where you are right now is unfathomable.

These are the ones whose golden threads you reach like an electrical web of magic, and they call back.
And you get each other. Your energy speaks, words barely needed.

The transformational realms require trust… deep fucking trust in the unknown.

It is a courageous approach to life and all its whirling weaving adventures.

Be brave.

📸 artwork by Indigo