Receptive, malleable, silken.

Softness is the dreamy texture that comes when we are welcoming, open and relaxed.

Spaciousness in the body, a rested nervous system.

A hypnotic slowness that envelops your ripened human.

The medicine of softness can only come when there is safety, and more often than not people do not feel safe in their own being, in their relationships and in the world.

And so what we are left with most of the time is an impermeable armour.

Gunmetal grey, a perfected architectural design to protect; to guard suppleness.

Safety is something we create within but is also a synergistic experience created with others.

Safety is not something we can expect, because life is unsafe is many ways and it must be so for us to experience the cracking open of the pain body and the wisdom that brings.

Safety does, however, alchemise into softness when the climate is in perfect condition

Softness creates connection.
Softness opens up the subtle bodies for deeper penetration of soul, warming those places so deeply set in the dark.

Softness is the medicine;
Sweetly infused with healing magical herbs.

Safety is the potion bottle;
The container that holds and distils the magic potion.

When safety and softness meet, they act as instant opiates, having you falling back into bliss and being touched in places you had forgotten existed.

Maintaining softness in intimate relating when there has been betrayal is the greatest challenge of all.

For no matter how much we long for the steady gaze of safety in long term relating, at times things will be done, said, experienced that cannot be taken back.

This makes it challenging to remain soft.
To remain heart centred.
To remain receptive and of love.

Softness with self is the antidote to our inner critics.
It reminds us that we are more than our pain than our hardships than our challenges.

That at our core we are tender sweetlings.

We are shown over and over that hardness is the answer because it is what keeps us being able to do the menial everyday tasks we need for survival.

But it is the softness that gives us what we truly long for, it is the softness that allows us to really be filled to the brim with bliss.

To be enchanted by love.
To be met in wonder.
To long and be longed for.
To merge and melt with the world.

 IMAGE BY Nabeel Khan