I am a massive advocate for loving men.

WHY? Because I have had the privilege of men being my clientele for 15 years.
I have seen the ugliest and the most glorious faces of men.

From private dance booths to tantra massage tables, to group workshops, to online coaching programs, I have had the privilege of seeing some of the deepest most vulnerable aspects of the male heart and psyche as well as the most guarded, scared and damaged.

But guarded or not, the thing that I am shown over and over is that men are deep, emotional, kind, purposefully hearted and extremely sensitive beings…. but that truth doesn’t get much air time because to be a man who shows his sensitivity is prime meat for emotional battering.
It is innate in men that they want to provide and evolve the world. Testosterone is a very clever hormone that propels men to take action and do shit and make things and be aggressive and protective. And yes the shadow side of that is the aggression and need to take action can be incredibly misguided.

But the reason it’s misguided is that a majority of men are cut off from their feminine intuition very young, so they start acting from a place of “should’s”, “musts”, “I thinks” and opt for roles that give some sort of reward even if it’s soulless.

Men will attempt to escape their internalised fractures of the feminine by disassociating through substances, porn, gaming. They will use masturbation and ejaculation as a remedy to their pain and then the last straw – losing hope and manifesting disease or suiciding.

A man’s physical strength is terrifying to women and yet a woman’s bitter heart is terrifying to man.

Men are blamed and I get it because physical brute is easy to blame. But what about the bitter hearts of the girls who’s daddies were emotionally absent? What about the pain that men have endured to maintain the structures of society that we all take for granted today?

Bashing men is not the answer to supporting Masculinity that lives from a full heart and with an aligned mission.

To love and allow ourselves to be loved by men. To tend to our pain, pull in our projections, be free of spite and bitter words.
To see inside of men the pained boys whose hearts were broken with toughness.
To see inside men those same hearts that yearn to give, love and relish in joy with us.

And to see your own wounded heart as your broken little girl who was let down over and over again by the men in her life, whose sweetness was taken advantage off, whose body was misread, whose words were dishonoured, whose sex was taken from.
I see you, I feel you. I know.

But bitterness will not bring you what your heart truly wants for yourself, for your children and the planet.

A breed of men who feel safe to heal the wounds passed unto them by the old world.

Men have so much to give, but are we open to receiving? Even yet are we giving back that which lights men up most, unbound love.

Are we allowing space for those tender parts to be shared or do we judge them, afraid of who then will hold us?
If the twistedness of women and all her consumption of new shiny things would take a moment to really acknowledge that men provide so willingly and yet also long to be given more than the chore of a monthly root to ease his load.

If the anguish of the women who have never had the personal privilege of a man’s providership could take a moment to appreciate wholeheartedly with radiant shine, acknowledge the contribution to society men have brought over time, to look the local rubbish man in the eye and say THANK YOU.
What transformations this would bring.

A woman of the temple celebrates men while never stifling the truth of her heart.
Yes, she has boundaries. Yes, she is strong. Yes, she can provide and care for herself. All the while knowing that acknowledging men does not in any way, shape or form take this from her; for she knows her own innate power can never be taken from.

She speaks the dark truths of feminine protection, she is in integrity with self while with open eyes, see’s the vastness of the greater perspective knowing that we are all in this together and that her bitter heart is poisonous upon this world.

A woman of the temple knows her transmission of sensual wildness conjures a state of freedom and permission, by simply being.
A woman of the temple knows that using men to reclaim her sense of power is a double-edged sword.
A woman of the temple emanates the art of devotion, even in the mundane…the glance of a hungry eye and a craving phallus, the offering of a drink in the club, the opening of a door, a compliment of your beauty and your smile.

A woman of the temple sees through the facades that men place upon their own being, calling forth the truth by choosing to really SEE what is beyond the veil of the ego protections.

To be a woman of temple is not easy, it requires a willingness to face all the ways in which oneself has contributed to the pain of men. To let go of all that has hardened her. To re-learn the art of the feminine mysteries so she can transmute all that burdens her and birth dark golden love into this world.

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