It’s no wonder sexuality has time and time again been repressed by those in power; be it religious establishments, political or even our families, friends & lovers.

We all have worked so tirelessly and with such “success” to bury that which is primal to all of us.

The truth is we fear our sexualities & it’s seductive power because it can be dangerous. Within the frequency of seduction is a drive that can convince us to do things that sit outside our ordinary waking state of morals and values.

Our sexuality reminds us we are animal in human form and that biology wins. We can lose ourselves. We can lose our loved ones. We can lose all that we love in the pursuit for that, which is our sexual driving force designed to keep us procreating actual new life or new experiences because the psyche is always seeking new terrain to explore.

And so there is fear.
A fear of the power our sexuality can have over us if unchecked. We project that fear into our stories of love and unconsciously manifest the unhealed betrayal wounds of our pasts.

It may seem easier to shut it down, to cage it, to contort and control it.

But it will always rear its head and the more you resist, the more it persists because that’s what creative life force energy does, it finds a way to be expressed ALWAYS.

But the real wisdom comes when we accept that our sexual vitality is also our creative vitality. When we allow ourselves to run it within our own systems and breathe its medicine through us.
When we remove any limiting agendas or goals that need to be fulfilled and acted out in any specific way & instead inquire about what creative power lay behind the desire. What wants to be seeded and birthed into existence?

Focusing solely on sex energy needing to be expressed through sex alone, is a great disservice to the complexity of our grand eros! A potent creative and abundant gift of energetic primordial power that holds within it the secrets to creation itself.

See sensuality, sex, desire, longing and erotic expression as an art of infinite potential.

When you feel flirtatious, erotic, sensuous energy enlivening you, how do you respond to it?

Do you need to see it through, follow the thread to the sexual act?

Do you stuff it down and pretend it’s not there then find yourself become grumpy & bitter because you have repressed your aliveness?

Do you project it out & shame the source that stirred your discomfort?

Or do you inquire with relaxation and open yourself to allow it to be there and ask, what can be created with this sacred power that is alive within me?

✨✨✨ Image by Daniel Klaas