Falling in love is easy for most.

That is why the term…FALLING….IN….LOVE is so common.

We fall into someone, to the other; we melt, dissolve and merge.

We become ENCHANTED.

Spellbound by our illusions, projections and a whole heap of hormones surging through us making us HIGH AF.

But what if we walked into love.
What is we maneuvered through it.
What if we strategized, measured and journeyed through the tests little by little with loving caution…to care for the container that the hearts are so “pulpously” being held by.

You may be thinking hmmm that kinda takes away the magic of those first encounters, that honeymoon phase, that surrendering to the beauty of limerence…but really, does it?

It depends, are we in this for long term gain or are we wanting to descend into the LUST CHAOS & make a mess and then be projected out of there like one of those sling shot rides wondering wtf just happened, how did it all go so wrong?

I believe how we start a connection, what we bring to it, how we navigate the surges of feelings; are what sets the standards for that relationships habitual behaviours and default tendencies.

When we abandon our inner masculine pole in the process of “falling in love” we abandon our high consciousness, our logic, our discernment, our sovereignty and our integrity of self.

We forget what it is that our highest self wants for us because trauma bonding is so incredibly tempting & illusionary.

And yet a long term relationship requires so much more than that initial excitement, that wooey gooey im so lustfully in love, rose coloured glasses gaze.

Long term relating requires healthy foundations, stability, trust, a resilience and competency to move through life’s greatest tests with another human being. The stuff the romance novels and fairy tales don’t necessarily prepare you for.

I see this walking into love with your masculine by your side.
He holds his highest purpose at the forefront and his golden rule book in his hand, opening those pages to your feminine when she gets lost in those spirals of feeling.

He comes to her and says…

“Baby remember what we agreed too, remember our greater mission outside of this human dimension, let’s not get completely lost in the labyrinth, i know it is oh so tempting and delicious…i love being here with you too but we must be smart my love, we must remember who we are”.