Recently I was cut from a speaking gig last minute & experienced what it was to be discriminated against because of my sexuality focus and public identity; which in many ways is pretty radical for the regular person to digest who is yet to connect to their dark sexual power.

I GET IT, but mostly when I look at the world through the mainstream lens.

I can also see that many people from a distance don’t understand me, my stance and the complexity of the information I hold and how important it is to share.

This experience has awoken my FIRE to a new degree and it has also forced me to look at how fucking valuable I am as a leader in this field and OWN IT.

I have 15 years of experience listening to and observing the most hidden secrets of men’s hearts and I gathered that data in ways that are not of the “norm”.

Within me, I hold the voices, stories, heartaches and the incredible potential of all the men I worked so deeply with.

I have INSIGHT into things that most people don’t and I gained that insight from places that most people don’t want to acknowledge that it holds value, that being the underworld of strip clubs and tantra massage tables.

SEX WORKERS whether neo tantra workers, escorts, temple priestesses, strippers, prostitutes, sensual massage therapists, sex therapists, BDSM practitioners and so on, hold incredible information on the psyches of men and sexual health.

Now of course not all people in those fields see men like I do, many are wounded like most others in the world in general who are yet to heal their trauma; but having spent the last 5 years committing to the cleaning out of my shadow in regards to how I see and understand men through the Awakening Connections work, this has contributed to the unique perspectives I hold.

Not having SEX in the conversation around MEN’S HEALTH, and cutting out of the conversation by the very people who ACTUALLY KNOW THIS AREA better than any other “professional”, is madness and drenched in fear of facing the truth.

This feeling of discrimination around what I bring brought up a lot for me regarding witch hunts and the repression of one’s voice due to the fear of confrontational life topics.

Eliminating my voice and people like me, withholds the laying out of some solutions that are at the very core of Men’s issues today.

We cannot talk about Men’s intimacy without talking about the desperate state that many men are in regarding the starvation of intimate and loving connection.

We cannot talk about Men’s intimacy without speaking about how many men feel like a slave to their sex and to “women”, because of natures intense creation of the male drive to penetrate.

We cannot talk about Men’s intimacy without diving into how much shames men hold around their desires.

We cannot talk about Men’s intimacy without looking at the intense state in which male sexual domination is playing out in unhealthy ways from misogynistic attitudes, porn, infidelity, to sex work dependencies, to rape, to sex trafficking and so on.

These are conversations that need to be broached and brought to the light, not to shame and damn but to bring COMPASSION and understanding to the causes.

While society and its leaders cower away from speaking about such issues, what is needed is a climate of curiosity to understand more deeply what is happening for men so things can be transformed.

But leaders are scared. They are scared to trigger trauma. Scared they will get push back that might destroy their brands, their names, scared of being “controversial” but most of all, are scared to look at themselves and their own relationships to the erotic dark and the shadows they too are yet to obliterate.

But what is a leader if they are not controversial in such a time of URGENCY?

Men are innately COURAGEOUS!





People like Jordan Peterson are popular with Men because he reminds them to have a backbone and stand up for what they believe in and activate their masculine source of INTEGRITY! Living and breathing the very frequency of the word and not just throwing it out as a sales pitch.

Deep down Men don’t give a fuck about celebrity status and their stories of privilege as much as people/enterprises seem to think they do. That stuff is all smoky mirrors and becoming more and more outdated if it lacks SUBSTANCE and real human RELATABLE STRUGGLE.

Men want to be listened too, be felt, be moved, be inspired into finding meaning to want to continue to live in this harsh world that silences them and their feelings.

They are aching FOR A MAP to find their own soul purpose of existence. What is their role in this new world, where do they even start?

Men want realness. They want to feel alive. EMBODIED and that is why they hunger so aggressively for sexual intimacy!

Men are asleep and CRAVING to be awoken from their slumber.

Men want to vibrate with feeling, with honour; they want something to LIVE FOR because if they don’t they will settle for addiction and power games.

Men are hungry to meet themselves in new ways and yet people are getting the same old content.


If its integrity we want to ignite then model it FULL HEARTEDLY!

If we want to speak to men about IDENTITY then let’s ask them who they want to be and STOP TELLING THEM WHO THEY SHOULD BE!

If it’s intimacy we want to speak to then LET’S GET HONEST about the intimate lives of men festering in the shadows and a desperate hunger to be loved!

Not having me at your events for men is a DISSERVICE to the very men that need support, whose voices have been silenced; and anyone who has worked with me knows how brutally true that is.

It’s easy for me to show up in my fierceness in places that “want me”.

But to be rejected by the world of “fancy corporates” with the “big movers and shakers” triggered something that is no longer.

I felt PISSED because in the light there is a “facade of wanting to help men”.

Yet in the dark such as the underbelly of sex work, where men bare their most fragile heartaches & darkest demons, places I’ve met every archetype of man that walks this earth (none are excluded), I felt myself and those men’s voices discarded into the abyss of silence; not uncommon for those who work in the nitty-gritty of human relations that mainstream society continually pretends are not there ESPECIALLY when it comes to the topics of sex and sexual healing.

Are we paying attention to men or are we are leaving out an entire area of conversation that affects ALL MEN to varying degrees?

I believe we are, and it is costing everyone. Not just men.

To activate the repressed coding of the high masculine in men who have forgotten, requires the initiation of the feminine within men, not to “feminise” him but to call him to rise up to his true throne of exaltation.

When the voice of a woman holding that very coding is silenced out of fear of what she may say, he remains impotent.

#nothingleftunsaid #wearethespace