Knowing the feminine principle in essence is like breathing to me. And I’m not speaking necessarily cognitively, I mean in energy.

It’s written all through my astrology, my gene keys, my unique energetic DNA pattern. My subtle radiance is magnetic, my heart a great dynamic portal that touches people at depths they didn’t know were touchable.

Because of this, because my connection to the feminine principle is so innate, it’s also been the hardest for me to decipher into “content” because the feeling of doing so goes again my nature. I hide a lot of what I know, for it is the realm of the mystery and pimping out the feminine to fulfill ones own ego mission vs being of service, is a very fine line of deception.

Submission is easy for me.
So is loving.
But my heart has been so pounded that I castrated it from the world because I felt “you didn’t deserve to bask in that level of dark light”.
I say dark light because with my love comes a stillness, a calling in, a magnetic pull that confuses people because they associate love with happy open bubbly nature’s.

I don’t trust a lot of people, my heart reads a lack of integrity a mile off. And this last cycle being three years, I became majorly out of alignment and pulled back from offering my feminine transmission in all her glory because I saw too much unhealed feminine pain playing out in the “feminine rising” field.

I also got my ass kicked where my own shadow was met with the shadow feminine expressed in a male bodied partner and that has all come to a head these last few months.

The descent of Innana came in strong but the wisdom that has filtered through me from that dark cave of writhing, letting go, resisting and submitting has been unparalleled.

My energy is coming back, the maternal empress is coming through strong and i am ready to birth what has been gestating over this time, just waiting for a clean channel.

Such initiations don’t come through workshops or sisterhood circles. They come from real life plunges into piles of shit. This is why I resist the victim paradigm so often associated with female suffering. Because it is through our pain we can find our will to regain what we lost at a much greater capacity.

In 2020 I am re entering the realm of live events and I am vibrating with anticipation for what’s to come through.

My intention for 2020 is to let you all see my heart more freely and create from the deepest truth of my cauldron’s magic which is a potent af pioneering badass feminine transmission portal.

✨ Image of me by @jameslooker for @the_vortex_official