Void, Dark light, Lilith, Dark Grid, The Dark Feminine, The Dark Masculine, The Dark Dakinis, Shadow hunters, The Dark Oracles, The Sex Witches, Daemonic Descenders, The new exorcism where ones demons are welcomed with DARK LOVE.

A great and welcomed flood of dark workers dripping into the new age field of transformation.

So very needed after years and years of light workers tried to “raise the consciousness” of humanity but are now falling flat as no matter how many self help books we read people still suffer and feel themselves being pulled DOWN and thinking somthing is wrong with that, but it’s a calling…. a calling to be taken to the core of all suffering and facing it with valor.

As old hippies sit around cynically debating politics and the evils of the world, all the while selling blood crystals at their market stalls and white witches preaching love, light and angel cards while vomiting their judgements over anyone who isn’t “high freq enough”; dark workers are taking over the new age consciousness scene.

The rejected ones, the too much ones, the unstable ones…. the ones who have stories of dark descent and submitting themselves on the brink of death, only to be liberated by the devourment of that black velvet potentcy.
The death doulas preparing humanity for the death of an old way.
A restoration of balance, holding the golden sight, exposing what so many have been avoiding.

The power of the dark. Not to be feared, but to be very slowly vibrated with for cleaning out the shadow is essential to meet the exquisite brilliance of pure dark energy. But shadow and dark are easily muddled by amatures.

A true dark worker holds the skull key out of the victim stories, cutting to the core of that which initiates ones true ignition into dark genius.

There are only 2 women I currently trust who hold the dark coding through a clear channel and they are both elders. Both radical AF and changed my life through their existences in unbelievable ways by showing me my own dark potentcy.

✨ Image of me by @jameslooker for @the_vortex_official