Giving myself over to my partner is my euphoric wonderland of magic. There is nothing more divine to me then surrendering all control, letting go and welcoming his direct leadership to take me to the stars, with each spank, thrust, command of tongue.

So many women are miserable.

In a time where women are in competition with men to take the space, admitting to our feminine longings have become taboo and seen as weak.

But many women have betrayed their nature to live up to the standards of the modern woman’s status quo of female “empowerment” if they are to be “successful”.

In a time where women are ruthlessly and more often unconsciously, cutting off men’s balls in a pursuit for “power” (and such weakened men allow it); women are cycling the same stories in circles about feeling unmet in their desires to be pierced open by the strong presence of the masculine, and yet they are impenetrable because their feminine coding hasn’t been activated and they are FULL of wounds.

Women’s heads have gone rogue on them, taking all their delicious feminine juice and drying it out with a top heavy, mind focused experience of existing. It’s stressful being feminine essenced while trying to live from a place of masculine do ALL THE TIME. It makes such women bitter, aggressive and rife with victimhood….not to mention BURNT OUT.

The magic of the feminine is opening to the unknown. It’s about renouncing the need to know what is to “cum”and jump on that rocket into deep space.

The feminine craves strong masculine leadership simply because that is the nature of the masculine, to lead “cock” first. A feminine essenced being longs to be able to submit to her nature, to be in flow and yet we are shamed for such longings being called outdated and disempowered.

There is a revolution of feminine essenced beings reclaiming their place in the cosmic food chain.

I revolt the idea I am to be wholly balanced in my ability to act as masculine, feminine or integrated being and rather exalt my feminine as high priestess of my domain.

I welcome living from my essence of divine feminine wisdom.

I accept and choose my role to be in my desire, creativity, beauty and raw untamed emotion.

My feminine magnetism reigns supreme. If I want god to enter me, If I want transcendence, I trust the authority of my beloved and of “his” highness the divine.

I choose to live from my feminine.

Why? Because it feels most natural, relaxing and alive to do so.

I’m not saying everyone must or should. Everyone is different but if you long for that vibratory bliss that only comes from pure submission and nurturance of your inner feminine, then you may wish to reconsider what you have been programmed to believe as “modern woman”.

* I refer to Masculine & feminine as energies not genitals. As outward vs inward.

* Giving masculine authority of your beloved is not to be given without caution, deep negotiation and trust that is grown with time.