For the purpose and effect of this post, I am emphasising a dual framework. In the complexity of humanness, there is of course many nuances.


The masculine feminine framework is just that, a framework. But as a framework it is an energetic blueprint that produces very specific effects. If you don’t like the terms because you associate them with man/woman just convert Mas/ Fem to Order vs Chaos, Penetration vs Receptivity or Electric vs Magnetic.


If you want a submissive man, then be strong and penetrative in your energetic stance. 

Take the space, claim the space, leave no space if you really wanna show him whos “boss”. 

Be domineering and authoritative. For some people this is their natural essence and lucky for them they may call in a partner wanting to CONSENSUALLY play this game; But If there is unhappiness and suffering, a continual distressing of emotions and feeling unmet, then these patterns of dysfunctional relating are a cover up of something that has been rejected within self. If he has wounds around his own potent authority, he may fight you but he will continue to also allow you to cut of his nuts submitting himself to an abuse of power, and you will bitterly take every opportunity given.


This is a dynamic contaminated by wounds and fractures of the psyche. It’s a strength that is energetically manifesting from the fear body such as trust issues, scarcity, broken heartedness, daddy issues, fear of losing control.  All things that have come from past abuses.


The opposite fracture shadow piece of this dynamic is the submissive walk over type, a clear manifestation of feminine wounding. The ones who attract the narcissists, the ones who give give give, are empaths and those who find themselves continually taken from. 

These kinds of women on some deep psychological level believe their value is situated in how much they please other. 


They tend to give away their authority unconsciously to those who are not worthy of such a gift. 


They misread people by seeing them through overly compassionate rose coloured glasses, whist ignoring the signs of imbalance over and over until they are so deep in the shadow dynamic that they have become confused about what they have enabled, finding themselves victimised and unable to correct what has been misaligned until it’s so obvious that they need to get out, leaving with even more evidence that men/people are untrustworthy and that they themselves have been victims to perpetrators. 


To correct these misalignments is an inside job that takes commitment and a saying yes to deep transformational work. It requires getting fiercely honest with self and taking responsibility for your life with no excuses. Yes people can be victims, but more often than not people are unconsciously choosing the situation they are in with the behaviors they have learnt , therefore a rewiring of ones patterning is a task that needs to be embarked on but its no secret that it is HARD WORK while also euphorically rewarding.


This hard work is what makes people opt in for the “easy rd” of blaming others.


If you are feminine essenced like myself, then i know that what you yearn for is for a partner who can step forward. A partner who claims you but not before claiming himself.

A partner who is sensitive enough to care for you with tenderness while also not buying your bullshit.


To attract this kind of dynamic, you have to understand the energetics of the feminine and how your misalignments are blocking you from that thing you so deeply long for.


But it’s not as simple as trying on the feminine, pretending to be feminine. The feminine activation has to come from deep within your own energetic coding. 


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