A common complaint, a common thought….“just finish already”.

A common mindset amongst women, sex is a chore, a service that “we” as women give to men to help them “relax”. Perhaps it scratches an itch but “when im done he can hurry up and finish”.

Such mindsets are tragic mindsets, because it reveals that you are not, and have not been activated in the full spectrum of your feminine feeling. That you don’t know, maybe have never known….how to surrender so deeply to the energies that move through you that you lose yourself uninhibitedly to the unknown.

How to become completely empty of mundane thoughts and feel your energy centres wake up to the enchanting magic that is deep deeeeep lovemaking and dishevelled abandon.That you are for whatever reason, unable to fall into the realm of chaos, the home of the feminine principle because you are armoured up, impenetrable.

Your emotions, your muscles, your fascia, your intricate energetic body is blocked, hardened & protected therefore the pulse of love wanting to emerge from him doesn’t even have a chance; and that you do not feel safe enough inside your own being to let it all go and welcome him all the way in.

To be penetrated by his consciousness, his potency, his devotion and his pulsing cock into the depths that are unbelievably more rich than anything “just physical”.

When you are activated in your deep feminine submission, time does not exist therefore wanting it “to end” for him “to cum” holds no authority in your sacred domain.

This linear expression of having an erotic goal is a breach of feminine law. It is pure agenda. And agenda reduces the feminine to a ghost.

You are to relinquish control and take yourself deeper and deeper and higher and higher into the realms of the enchanted.

You reign the feminine fields of divinity in YOUR WORLD.

It is you that is the empress of your ability to feel all that is available to you in those moments of wild animalistic thrust and deeply silent euphoria.

If he cannot take you there, you have surrendered your dynamic virtue and misguided him.

If you cannot feel him then you have chosen a man who is in desperate need of awakening to his own embodied freedom.

If he lacks in presence and willingness to grow then you have not been discerning in who and at what capacity you allow someone to be IN you.

If you get frustrated you have not realised that your lack of patience and the way you communicate is your issue, not his. If you cannot feel each other and keep “flogging the old horse” then you are both blind to your own divine eminence.

To both be seduced by every lick, stroke, suck, thrust, dive, pulse of electromagnetic wonder; building energy upon energy upon energy imploding you with exquisite golden vitality.

The truth is, you both yearn for the ador of the moment of lust and longing. So infused in the absence of time, so intensely present with each each other that you enter into the starlight heavens for eons.

Renounce your control. Your need to have it perfect. Your stubbornness in believing “he should just know”.

Kill your lack of patience and show him the way through the temple, with your priestess holding his hand and guiding him IN.

Forgo you need to criticise, make him wrong and cut him down for not knowing the way through your complex labyrinth…yet.

Remove the chain around your neck and use your voice to speak your longings and open your heart to open his.

But most importantly…bring him into your depths by willing to go there yourself.

Fall into your feminine feeling in all her shades by submitting to his desire and welcoming him into your web of adventure.

You are a treasure and so is he. Do not betray yourself or him by treating sex as a duty.

Sex is never and should never be a chore unless of course you perform such duites with absolute delight.

///Image of me by James Looker for The_vortex_official