Although people often associate “femininity” with the realm of external beauty, the feminine is truly so much more AS AN ARCHETYPE.
The feminine at a foundational level is CHAOS. The swirling, melting, steaming pot of creation itself, creation that is yet to come into FORM.

This creative pot of chaos is the place where all and everything that has the potential to come into manifestation (or die to be regenerated) is sourced from.

The shamanic quality of the feminine lives deep within the portal of your emotional & physical bodies. Feminine embodied means to be connected to this infinite space of creative movement. The place of feeling, the very feelings that give us the meaning to life.
When a person has a fractured feminine archetype (which most people do because the feminine has been denigrated, misunderstood and become untrustworthy because of “her” rejection), they find themselves continually being sucked into the realm of chaos as in depression, despair, trauma cycles and so on OR are completely dried out, like heads on sticks with no body to their words and no aliveness to their spirits.

The feminine IN BODIED (when it’s not shadow contaminated), holds the key to the richness of living that you so deeply long for. It’s this archetype that brings you that cosmic earth pounding sex. It’s the archetype that guides you towards the things that TRULY light you up such a work in the world that feels heart centred. It’s the archetype that brings you the intimacy and connection in relating that you so long for. And when paired with high consciousness, a discerning mind and strong action taking powers, becomes unified in euphoric manifestation through “her” connection to masculine form.

The feminine embodied is a gateway to accessing RICHNESS. A deeply wild, surrendered and enchanting landscape of beauty, depth and radiance.