I learnt a lot about these 2 super powers as a stripper who studied intensely what made a woman stand out from the rest.
9 years of observing sexual personas and how their (and my own) energies wrapped, pulled, swirled, shone and then what affect that created in a space.


Radiance comes when you let your light shine. When you allow yourself to be seen in your joy, your aliveness and your bliss.

Cool girls are not radiant. Radiance is warm.

When you are willing to shine your energy OUTWARDS and beam that light onto the world or person, as a gift. This radiance basks light upon those who witness you, lifting their spirits and making them interested in and wanting more of how you made them feel. It feels good to lay in the sun.

Radiance lights up the universe, it’s easy to see and feels safe to be near.

Magnetism is the opposite. Magnetism is cool and mystique.

Magnetism comes from emptiness and then swirling energy from within to then extending out with the body. Basically becoming a black hole and taking the audience (or person) into your field, getting them lost in your world.

Magnetism is dark. It pulls inwards, it can make people uncomfortable because it’s intensely smouldering.
There is stillness in magnetism, silence and most people are so cluttered with noise that when they meet true magnetism they don’t know how to process what they are experiencing.

Magnetism isn’t possible if you are “full”. When I say full I mean, full of cheap energy such as drama, anxiety, fear, gossip. It takes a lot to be able to hold yourself in your magnetism because most women are so full of repressed emotions and disempowering stories, that when they start to feel the intensity of the magnetic vortex, they need to throw it off.

You cannot fake these energetics (fakes attract fakes or the gullible). These qualities have to be honed from our deepest recesses of relating with self.

This is an piece from the enchantress content, my up coming program and retreat.