I have been “mostly” feeling pretty still and surrendered in regards to the world climate right now.

I can feel the chaos around me and occasionally it will swirl through me and touch my own fear body.

Chaos is prime creator energy when channelled through a clear system (body/consciousness). This is foundational to my deep teachings.

I have found myself talking to people I love more.
I have been present to my bodies needs.
I have been loving the simplicity.
I have witnessing layers of my own shadow ready to be given back to the sun.
Where I have been out of alignment has become clearer.

I have also noticed a loudness in the parts of me that have been undernourished.

About 2 days ago I had a bit of a freak out when I released I was feeling my highest value being “taken” from me, which is freedom. No longer free to not be able to fly home if I wanted to. No longer free to fly to Byron where my best friends are.

I exposed it, I processed it, I moved through it.

All the while I have been sitting in my creator cauldron, which is always my point for stability, its where my genius lays however taking action on all the options fast isn’t.

I tend to lean back more, working slowly to allow what is true to emerge because bringing things into physical form requires a lot of work and I want to be precise with my energy input now more than ever.

So I have been waiting, listening…remaining open to guidance.
I have been feeling everyone and also feeling my role as a leader.

Leaders right now are not supposed to stop. More than ever we need empowered leadership.

Leaders who are listening to the current of the Masses.

Leaders who are capable of leading without being inundated with their own panicked shadows.

Leaders who are showing up in their authentic gifts while also not succumbing to the fear consciousness travelling through the collective right now.

Leaders who are not grasping for air (resources) but rather bringing wisdom to support you to feel safety in self.

People need leaders, its apart of the functionality of our organism.

Before corona I was about to release a high ticket program and retreat. Obviously that has changed.

So I sit here and listen for what move to make next, not as a way of grasping but as a way of balancing my role as a server through creation while also feeding myself.
In know my audience needs me to continue to bring my gifts.

So I am updating my free offering, filing holes.


The big question I have right now is how can I best serve in these times, how can I bring value from my genius?

So I am looking intently at where I have best served, what unique support I bring to this field and how I can refine that and update it.

Yes now is a time to slow down, but its not a time to completely disable, completely stop.

Its a time to transform what was and listen to what wasn’t being listening to before.

Its a time to refine, to fill in the holes of your cauldron and clean up your energetics and no better time than a testing time to see exactly where needs work.

Where were you complacent before that now needs attention?

Where were you taking life and its resources for granted and how can you plan now to be more sustainable as a consumer?

Where was your attention, what leadership were you subscribing to, how are those leaders responding now?

Right now listen to all parts of you in this time deeply.

Cleanse the places that were full of junk and emptiness.

Practically clean and clear out your physical spaces and all the shit you do not actually need and commit to not just filling those gaps with more shit (internally and externally).

Connect more deeply, say the things you have wanted to say clear the god dam pipes.

Utilise this time to go inwards while taking precise steps out there to bring the fullness of who you are.

Be cautious of where you may be contributing to the spending of panic.

Catch yourself and remember what we breathe into the world holds frequency that contributes to your family, community, country & world.

If anything, right now we have been shown just how interconnected we all are.

Virus or not, the “spreading” of all things be it subtle energies, belief patterns, habits, trends and so on are far more “infecting” than most give credit too.

Image of me by Nabeel Khan for sex witch