Let yourself die.


You are getting stuck between worlds , between life and death.

Descend fully, completely.

Touch the black soiled well bottom, lay your body down & welcome it’s devourment.

Surrender yourself, death by psyche. Embraced by the queen of the underworld taking you under her regal death cape, it’s weight smothering you into submission.

The sensory sickness of matter so dense, erectness abandons you leaving you alone, in the dark.

A fallen one.

Feel the pressure of your cheek against the wet volcanic ground, a ground not yet risen to the rays, for time holds nothing over the fecund.

You have nowhere to be, nothing to do, all you have is your place in the nether world where spring is not a guest here.

Lay, wait, wail, melt, disappear into lost time. No where else exists, only this place. It belongs to you, and you to it.

Be here until your belly hails you to rise once again, yet not prematurely.

You are a daughter of darkness, you are loved here, held here, gazed upon with eyes of death here. Cries of rage liberate you here. Morale has no home here. Only nature’s brutality lives here.

And yet In some contradictory landscape, this is the most homely place you have sheltered, as stellar starlight descended into bones wrapped in flesh form.

The warmth of your protruding black heart pulses against your chest.

A glistening of wet liquid love. A cruel stain.

You are at home in the midnight kingdom of your making.

Sink deeper.


Silence now.


The enchanting woman is a journey of depth. Ressirecting your brilliance and dynamic potentcy through the dark loving of your wounds. A creative journey of a the dark dance.