You can be loved & love someone and yet not fully feel them in sex, in fact this happens ALL THE TIME.

That feminine longing of being opened to the divine, THAT comes from ones connection to the anahata portal… the aliveness of heart.

If he isn’t allowing his heart to pour into you through the pristine channel of his cock consciousness, then he can only penetrate you so deeply, you simply do not get touched where you most long.

The physical is not enough for a heart centred deeply sensitive woman. She wants more!

And this is why I’ve always said, it does not matter how big the dick. It’s always been the lovers who felt themselves and me into the depths of SOUL that were the most alive lovers.

How does this happen, why are so many people feeling a lack of love in sex?

Because heartbreak is one of the most painful human experiences.

Because we humans have learnt to avoid feelings rather then move with & through them.

Because we have stories upon stories about how love is unsafe & how we are not lovable.

Because we have learnt that sharing our hearts, our vulnerabilities, our tenderness is not safe.

And so heart and sex becomes castrated.

The flow of EROS can not ignite.

Intimacy becomes about the genitals only, how to get off, how to make her squirt; all the while missing the truth of why we come into union.

We unify in body, heart & sex to be one with god consciousness.

To let go of the ego constructs & be blown open to the divine through the bliss portals.

How good a man is at “fucking” doesn’t mean shit to the feminine heart. She can use a dildo if she just wants to cum.

This is why doing your heart work (man, woman & everyone else) is ESSENTIAL!

This is why we explore the heart before the genitals in the devotional woman.

Devotional heart fucking is where it’s at.

Sisters do you heart work, without it you cannot feel or even recognise the truth of love.

Brothers do your heart work. You have to learn how to feel safe in yourself no matter what.

I know you feel so much and yes at times you need to guard your heart from those who do not deserve your sensitivity, those who cannot be trusted, but you must be courageous and bring all of yourself to weave a new paradigm of the embodied masculine.

More heart in sex people!