There are aspects of the mind/masculine principle that are not about growth but rather safety.

About remaining in familiar terrain as to not upset the feeling body/feminine principle.

The base mechanism of the mind is conditioned to look at every way to keep “you” safe.
So when you want to venture out into new lands your unconditioned mind that is informed by your fear led body does it’s job of convincing you not to go there!

A mind full of stories of fear informed by the bodies need for safety, will keep you energetically small. It will keep you living within a paradigm of familiarity.

So often women are afraid to do my work. I get it! It’s a big decision because it holds the potential for big transformation!

Over and over I see women convince themselves out of doing the thing their pure feminine instinct pulled them towards because their stories told them too.

Over & over again I see women prioritise travel, clothes, cosmetics over their deep soul work.

A potential shift in paradigm often feels like you are standing on the edge of a cliff weighing up all the things, hesitating to take the leap you know will bring great inner change because it essentially means that you will be killing apart of your identity you have learnt to hold tight to… your familiarity patterns that are keeping you in an egoic loop of sameness.

It’s ok to be scared, it’s ok to want to take your time; but when you continually dishonour you’re wisdom body over your fear body you become out of integrity with your highest and deepest truths because if you look for evidence as to why you shouldn’t do something, you will find plenty!

Living from this pattern leads you to living a life of flakiness only prioritising what you already know & a constant struggle of commitment to whole heartedly doing anything worthy of sustaining the tests of time.

The distrusting feminine principle allows a fear compass to inform the leadership of your life.

Like an anxiously ridden “queen” informing a cowardly “king”.

It’s like a continual wavering of “should I, shouldn’t I” then taking those anxiety ridden questions filled with the fearsome feminine to the un-initiated over protective uptight masculine who only ever wants to keep his feminine feeling safe & so he chooses a band aid solution & says “Don’t do it! Your feeling to much chaos & I can’t handle it!”.

But the thing is that the feminine impulse knows what she wants & that pure seed of energy lives within everyone.

Overriding you’re deep desires of transformation is a great dishonour eroding an already fractured relationship to trust.

And yet feminine embodiment work is the very thing that is there to support you to regulate your trust in self, in being aligned with the courage of your heart!

And yet you allow your fear body & your safety mind to convince you out of the very thing you need to grow up & initiate you into your noble dynamism.

Indecisiveness is the greatest threat to your deepening of self & it’s rampant in women I meet & speak too when it comes to owning the bigness of their unique frequency field.

It is the “good girl” contracting into the looking for the “right way” at the “right time” when there is only ever now.

The growing up and “in” of the wisdom mind-body requires action towards the very thing your depths know hold power & transformation for you.

Don’t rip yourself of of life by letting your indecisive fears rules you.

You are worthy of more than that.