If staying up to date with the world news and all the chaos that is happening is too much for you sometimes, it’s ok!

If being active in speaking out about all the injustices in the world is a lot for you to manage, it’s ok!

If you find it difficult to stay updated, engaged and active with the swells of the worlds politics, I totally get it.

Because I do to.

I’ve experienced and am witnessing a lot of bullying happening out there when it comes to how people EXPECT leaders to be showing up. What they “should” be speaking too, what they “shouldn’t” be selling/doing/saying.

It’s fucking bullshit.

There are many types of leaders.

There are ones who have so much fire for social justice that remaining connected to the things that fire them up, works for them.

There are the gentle messengers, the ones who walk the middle path and sometimes sit on the fence, balancing all parts and both hands and seeing the humanness in all of it.

There are the ones who do their work in peace and channel their feelings into their work quietly.

There are ones who ebb & flow depending on their internal compass, what else is happening in their lives and monitoring what capacity they have to actually be generating content.

There are ones who prefer to remain focused on what it is they are here to do and multitasking all the different pieces simply overwhelms them.

There are ones who are listening, absorbing, waiting and slowly integrating the new lessons and ways into their work in due time.

You are not here to prove to anyone that you are “good” and “right”.

You are not here to be pressured & shamed into things because others think you should because “you have a platform”.

The world seems to really value fire, but fire is also what burns us out.

Be who you are.

Create when you can.

Focus on what is important to your heart. Take care of your mental health.

Listen and feel while maintaining strong boundaries.

When you are tending to your heart and the hearts of those around you, that is enough.

Remember that.