“Great teachers live their subject. The subject teaches itself through them. It uses them and, in return, charges them with elemental energy” – Camille Paglia

This quote is something I have been resounding for years.

You must become a disciple of the spirit of your subject.

To truly reach mastery, you are required to be committed as the embodiment of your work.

I see the world through the lens of erotic magic.
That’s the contract my soul made a very long time ago.

Even as a child I was training for what I do today, that’s a story for another day.

But what can happen is that when a frequency, a body of work, a subject possesses you on the daily, you don’t realise that what you are experiencing has value and wants to be spoken through you simply because it’s content is so IN YOU.

It can feel hard to recognise that people hunger for what you know.

You can be blinded by your essence gifts because they are so YOU, therefore you find yourself trying on other frequencies that do not match the truth of your soul, just to be led home to the unique magic that is your internal wonderland; processed by something you naturally find yourself in love with.

It can be confusing venturing the realms of finding yourself once again after a lifetime of being trained out of who you were born to be.

This has personally been my greatest challenge as a teacher & leader.

To pull from my depths what I know & bring it into a palatable form that people starting out can understand.

To recognise that my subject and how it lives in me has value to people outside of me.

Even when a client tells me I have changed their life it can feel like it bounces of and my head tilts sideways because “I’m just being myself”.

But one thing is for sure, I will continue to live & breathe my subject on the daily.

I will continue to filter the world through what possesses me.

I will continue to create from this space and try to remind myself everyday that I am here to be of service, to share & to ignite the coded depths of erotic heart magic & creative leadership, no matter what.

But most of all, I commit to remembering everyday that people want it, need it and are hungry for what I behold and through that i am a transmission of permissive wonder of all that we are.

I am here as a guiding light into something that can feel much like an elusive wisdom only attained through ones true connection to their unique channel.

I am here to guide you back to yourself.

A remembering, a reigniting of your true aliveness through the integrity of self.

And let me be clear, it’s not about what others think is right for you and what integrity looks like for THEM. Wow the amount of times I’ve had people hint & tell me I’m out of integrity because what I did or who I was, was not aligned FOR THEM.

It’s about what emerges from the depths of YOUR dark well of golden wisdom liquid, the one that bubbles up from below.

The journey of knowing you & what frequencies you are here to transmit is something that only you can commit to in fullness through the journey of self revealing.

So be a student and a master of your subject, let it possess you, become it, welcome it to live through you….and it’s the one that lights you up more than anything else.

From this uninhibited commitment, from this embodiment, from this level of submission to something bigger than you, you will be guided to the cosmic palace of your souls calling.