Yesterday I received 2 messages from 2 women who have been in one of my containers for over 2 years having paid a one off amount, going against every bit of advice from any coach i have ever hired.

Both messages read the same essence

“Your work continues to grow me in a subtle way while allowing me to reveal the parts of me that are calling to open in my own time”

“Being in your field is permission granting in a very authentic way”

“The wisdom i am harnessing as an embodied woman is such magic”

“You support me to be in touch with my inner reality and truth compass”

“Even though all your teachings don’t fully “make sense” to me, they seem to do something to me that is hard to put into words & yet has changed how i experience myself & the world”

I am a very sensitive person & over the last few years I have really come to know the ways in which I dissociate or feel things when something is out of integrity when it comes to quality and depth. For a while now I have felt overwhelmed by the speed at which the personal development world is travelling.

The race to create content, coach fast, get rapid results, fast marketing & sales.
I have been feeling a massive aversion to ALL OF IT while i also recognise the importance of both moving fast and slow; and yet the personal development world is toppling over on rapidity.

There is something that resonates with me more deeply and i’ve shamed it so much over the years in “learning business”.


There is a growing desire for slow food, slow fashion, slow living, a trend that is bringing consciousness to how we consume and the excessiveness that feels more than ever predatory, rushed, empty and devoid of true richness.

I would like to speak more to slow growth, slow creation, slow relating, slow sex & slow coaching.

Anxiety is a fucking HUGE sickness that is ever growing.

Many coaches who are “winning” on generating movements and making bank look exhausted to me and yet are glowing in their perfectly constructed social media presences.

I am feeling more and more “information fatigue”.

The race to get the most content OUT, to make the MOST MONEY; the pressure to get it done, take the action, build your empire is becoming relentless.

And while i am all for these things, i am also a huge advocate for balance and the welcoming of what is true to emerge from the deepest recesses of one’s pure wisdom body.

I am feeling more & more an aversion towards the coaching and “consciousness” industry.

One course then sells into another and into another.

Keep pushing your prices higher and higher and higher even though your level of actual experience in coaching or embodiment hasn’t even reached a few year’s.

If they cant afford your product they are not your client and fuck sliding scales thats poor people frequency.

How fast can you dominate an industry!

How much can you conquer?

How much information can you produce even of it means taking it from others just to keep up.

People writing “books” that are information documents not artistry just to be recognised as an “author”.

I’ve unfollowed & blocked so many people lately who I feel are exploiting, stealing, righteously proclaiming themselves as saviours while receiving blind glorified praise.

People who have set out to conquer every idea their peers have ignited like it’s a trophy deserving of them.

It feels so off to me.

I want to build my community of people who truly resonate with my message and feel honoured in their journey however slow or fast they move.

I want to write & read the kinds of books that have a richness of time & experience infused into their pages.

I want to submit to the teachings of a master artist who lives & breathes their subject and i want to be this kind of teacher too.

I want to cook simply & eat slowly.

I want to wear quality but not the kind of empty exploitive over priced soulless luxury of bad taste.

I want to make the kind of love that permeates every cell of my being.

I want to grow in love with my partner over time, in safety and slow blooming in the ways we feel ready.

I want to see and feel the magic of my journey step by step without feeling an inauthentic anxious pressure to “show up” “get it done” “make bank” and so on.

Slow coaching is a gift and it’s a very feminine approach to feminine work.
It might not show you fast results but it’s not supposed too, it’s a journey of devotion.

A long term commitment of subtle depths that take you deeper and deeper into the divine manifestation of your very own magic.