You cannot expect to experience deep orgasmicness bliss & intimacy if you are unwilling to speak for your deepest sensitivities.

Even if they are stories.

Even if they seem unreasonable.

Even if they “spoil the mood”.

Even if they are petty.

Even if you’ve resounded them before.

Even if you think they won’t be received.

Even if they are not THE TRUTH.

The biggest pain of the feminine is the invalidation of her feels.

The biggest failure in speaking for the feminine within, is how the feels are communicated.

Nagging, complaining, sulking, withholding, blaming; are all immature traits of the feminine.

We all do it, but the idea is that the more you grow up the part of you that learns to feel at ease with the emotionality of life, the less the immature parts need to grasp & distort the purity of expression that is feminine aliveness.

Don’t discredit your feelings.

Find healthy ways to speak for all parts.

For your feminine is your internal guidance system that is designed to keep you in integrity with your actions so your vessel as human is clear, aligned and connected.

The relationship you have to your internal world and the full spectrum of feelings determines how you experience the potential of your vitality, depth & radiance.

📸 via @serpentfire