Magic has always been a part of Shaney Marie’s life.

I even have an early memory of my fifth birthday at McDonald’s and my dad made a witch on a broomstick out of licorice,” she told me during an interview for D Is For Desire, HuffPost’s love and sex podcast. “So the symbology of witch was always around.”

But it wasn’t until years later when she began to identify as a witch and had clocked some hours as an exotic dancer that she discovered sex magic, which she defines as harnessing sexual energy and combining it with a specific intention to manifest an outcome.

“All magical practice is about what we intend ― the intention that we make when we generate energy ― and sexual energy is one of the most potent energies that we can tap into, really, because it’s the energy that we’re created from in some way,” she said.

For the latest episode of D Is For Desire, I chatted with Shaney and another sex witch, Jamie Lee Finch, about what sex magic can and can’t do, what individuals should keep in mind before they try it and how it can transform our relationships with our bodies and the world around us…