I begin the journey of ascending to the heavens once again, the place I always feel “more accepted” by the outside world.

Some months I move with my hormones in ease, others my unconscious body mind decides I’m to be thrown heavily into the underworld.

It’s easy to judge this experience as “something is wrong” “ you need fixing”.

This mentality is age old programming that deems women as unstable, unruly, that nature is to be dominated over ALWAYS; generated from a deeply rooted fear of feminine chaos and the wild magick “she” beholds to destroy all that is cherished, nice & lovely about “the feminine & the female being”.

Most do not want to face the ugly faces of the feminine, most want to shame her as “crazy” “unstable” and “unsafe” because she reminds us all of just how volatile and fragile life really is.

But those who prefer to tame this innate wild are missing a very important spiritual lesson imparted by the feminine aching to be expressed in the female which is, you must recognise the holy in all of nature, revere it, love it and let her churn you up and destroy what you hold onto so tight. To welcome her contorting, dissolving and purging of your plans, rules and ideals….only to leave behind what is TRUE.

Throughout the entire pantheon of divine feminine expression, there are always faces if the unpalatable…the poor, the barren, the “nasty” because they too are worthy of reverence & hold spiritual gifts. And for the ones who refuse to accept this, how alive in body do you feel? How orgasmic? How expansive? How connected do you really feel to the ultimate truth of the universe? Not just from mind….but IN THE GUTS of your belly.

A woman’s cycle reveals so much wisdom about the creative nature of existence and yet humanity still pathologises it, shames it, numbs it of all its raw content, castrating itself of from the most sacred revelations of all.

That we are in this body not to simply transcend it, but to come INTO IT fully.
To inhabit every cell of this dense physical plane and meet ones depth in the process of it all.

Who are we if we are not to move with the tides of life?