The world needs more heart alive, loving, sensitive, deeply anchored, consensually educated, sexually connected women (& men & everyone else)

If we stop at sexual liberation we see and perpetuate overactive sexual dysfunctions & addictions

– A disempowered porn and sex industry prostituting their unrealised values and causing great harm to their customers with dire ripple affects

– Desensitized women pushing for orgasms and obsessed with being orgasmic to attain a goal without having softened into the subtleties of their deep feminine where orgasmicness truly lives

– Women & girls using their sexuality to bypass their trauma and daddy issues

– Women & girls using their sexualities to get attention so they can feel meaningful

– Sex educators using sexual abuse as a way to open someone who is not ready

– Distorted views and ideals of what “sexy” is

– A neo tantra scene full of traumatised people pushing their orgasmicness upon others in spaces of transformation for attention and to be seen as “empowered” & kundalini activated

– Boys and men valuing a woman’s sex over her sensitivity of heart

– People exploring more darker sexual arts without the safety of their own inner authority

This list could go on and on and on……..

Add any you feel are missing in the comments