When I was a stripper I learnt something very important about female energetic presence.

That the more I was in my zone, in myself and in my pleasure the more captivating I became.

We live in a world that encourages performative expression and this world is largely terrified of people who really feel themselves and move from a place of true authenticity.

Fakeness and shallow performance is praised by those who struggle to really feel themselves, because a person who is in their bodies reveals who is not.

It’s usually pretty easy to tell when someone is not in themselves. Trying to hard, fidgety, reactive, over thinking & then there is also a lot of subtle cues that I won’t go into here.

Such types of performance are often very dead energetically.

Performance is a a sacred act.

There is pleasure in being a performer and being witnessed however, the performer that is so focused on how they look, what they are doing, what to do next, is the audience/viewer/lover liking it and so on; are so out of themselves that they cannot enter a state of flow & magic.

A person who is really landed In themselves brings the emanation of their essence to the surface & ignites the field.
Whether it’s in sex, dance, as a speaker, as a coach and more, knowing & being practiced knowing the way along the pathway in yourself is what creates that magical experience of beingness.

The devotional Woman is a journey of coming home into this body, claiming it, loving it and welcoming it’s wisdom to ignite & lead you.

All so you can live a more loving, connected and pleasure filled existence.