A 6-week live group journey of feminine devotional practice.


You were born into a body, a female body that holds some of the most incredible secrets in existence!

Do you even realise just how potently powerful that is?

This body holds the codes and blueprints of the creative mystery.

Every cell within this body has the potential to vibrate in complete ecstatic pleasure while also harnessing  the power to self heal, move, massage, dance and vibrate from it anything that does not serve your highest potential.

YOU ARE  a creative miracle of infinite possibility!

YOU ARE the oceans, the winds, the earth, the fires, the stars and within you is the universe itself!

The next round of The Devotional Woman Mentorship is a guided, intensive 6 weeks online mentorship program combined with a group journey and access to Shaney’s online portal rich in content; that provides you with a map for female energetic embodiment, depth and radiance.

Here you develop and integrate empowerment practices & principles into your day to day life to re-pattern your relationship to your mental body, physical body, emotional body and your sensual body.

This is a RECLAIMING of YOU!

The feminine practice comes through the body and it’s intuitive wisdom. In our cultures the feminine within us has been repressed so that the masculine principles of development, evolution, structure could be implemented.

But now we are living in a time where there is a strong infrastructure available for us to open up the wild feminine portals to be fully expressed, known, devoted too and celebrated.

The feminine is the force within you that knows your potential and where your energy desires to flow. Developing your trust in this innate phenomenon is foundational to integral living.

This process cleanses the system of stagnation, trauma and armours supporting the development of healthy self-care behaviours.

By exploring and forming a devotional way of being, the devotional woman celebrates the body, it’s pleasure, it’s feelings and it’s sexuality from the inside out.


  • Be guided through a journey of feminine creation
  • Deepen your feminine embodiment
  • Solidify a regular and gentle transformative daily feminine movement practice, for a healthy nervous system
  • Discover and work with the female erotic power portals the breasts, womb, vulva & vagina
  • Explore sensuality and sexuality practices from the comfort of your own home to enliven your erotic body
  • Practices to maintain and harness your inner radiance while shedding stagnant holding patterns
  • Practice the power of vulnerability as well as push your comfort zones for growth by BEING SEEN
  • Weekly live group calls where you journey with the feminine mystery
  • Lifetime access to all the materials in the online component
  • Different expert interviews and bonus videos