The Seductive Woman – 4 week journey (Full price)




Hot for life. Seduced by heart. Wet for the pulsing dark erotic divine.

The seductive woman is an ancient archetype of wild prowess.

She has been called a slut & a whore.

She has been shamed for her beauty, her allure, her body & her unbound delicious hunger for life.

She has been turned into an evil entity warned to stay clear off.

Entire civilisations and religious texts have turned against her fearing the greatness of her power;  all because she beholds the one most potent energies so many want but cannot control…desire.

In this journey we recollect the lost and fragmented parts of our feminine seductress, bringing her into heart, integrity and love so she can relish in her lushious red hot heart and sex without fear of being too much.

You will be “turning” your body on and anoiting yourself with a sedcuctive blessing.

You will seal up any energetic wounds laying open and available for anyone to hook into and shame you for your vibrancy as an erotic woman.

You will be casting spells for pleasure from your enlivened warm body.

This energy is a gift to bring into your life, into every vibrating cell of you.

This is the only time this journey will be this short and this price, this is our interoduction journey into the seductress powers for 2020.

The portal opens on Nov 4th, 2020