A 4 day immersion for WOMEN, DESIGNED TO RELEASE DIS-EMPOWERING BELIEFS and discover how to AWAKEN the hearts and souls of the MEN THEY LOVE AND SUPPORT

Awakening men is a workshop experience in Melbourne Victoria Australia facilitated by Shaney Marie, Alejandra Nicolazzo and Jared Osborne.
This training is designed to support women to release the deep wounds they hold in relationship to men as well as to integrate and embrace the teachings of sacred sexuality and conscious relating into their own work and life.
Whether you are a lover, a wife, a mother, a tantrika, a therapist, a sex worker or a women looking to gain greater understanding when it comes to men and male sexuality, this training is a game changer and something all women would benefit from.
Described as “life changing”  “paradigm shifting” “transformational”
Awakening men is a training that has the potential to completely shift all that YOU ever thought you knew about men.
  • You want greater insight into the hearts and sexualities of men
  • You recognize you are carrying some negative beliefs about men and seem to keep attracting experiences that support these beliefs
  • You want to know the secrets to understand and love men more fully
  • You experience misunderstandings with men
  • You want an embodied experience of how to better relate to men
  • Where your blind spots are holding you back from creating the relationships you desire with men
  • How to release stories, fears and discomfort around men and their sexuality
  • Uncover the vulnerabilities, depth and sensitivity of men
  • Ways to initiate a man into his strength, power and purpose as well as how how to bring him into his soft heartfelt feeling and flow
  • Tools to enhance greater cock consciousness, deep presence and sexual freedom
  • The secrets to communicating with men so that they open to you instead of shut down
“I have waited all my life for this…. Thank you and all dear sisters for this life changing experience”
“No….words…. can describe the way this incredibly powerful training has changed my being In the world, my relationships with men and women, and my awareness of the power within myself. The very day the training finished, my entire world shifted. Shaney and Alejandra are such powerful creators and hold such loving and inclusive space for every woman involved. If you’re thinking about getting involved, don’t even think another minute. The most powerful training for women to learn about men and how to really connect sex to heart. Life changing. Love changing. World changing.”
“Participating in Awakening Men…. What use are words when we’re speaking of magic, and magic this is. This is a gift to yourself, to your soul, to your ancestors, to your children – and to theirs. There is no decision to be made…. if you are ready to love more truly than you knew was possible, to be free of what has kept you small or hurt or angry, to connect to and integrate all that you are in beautiful harmony, and to have real, useable knowledge of how to deeply honour and serve men, women, humanity and your Divine self – then go. Be a part of this magic. You will indeed learn about Awakening Men and so much more… but you’ll come away having awoken yourself, with Love, In Love – Sovereign – Divine – Free. Thank you Shaney and Alejandra . Your wisdom, strength, clarity, beauty and softness is exquisite… and apparently quite contagious So much love”
This training transformed my relationship with my own inner masculine energy, opened my eyes to the beautiful tender hearts of men, and gave me tools to better love and work together with the men in my world. I feel like I was able to heal a lot of the hidden toxic beliefs I held around the masculine and unlocked my own powerful heart energy. Would highly recommend this for anyone wanting to transform their life and the lives of the men around them!”
“I’ve worked with both of these amazing women before, so I knew that this week would be profound. What I didn’t know was how deeply humbled I would be to broaden my understanding of the sensitivity that resides within men. I didn’t know I’d completely fall in love with the 21 other women there who share my vision of a different world, and be so inspired by their courage and beauty. I didn’t know I was going to gain tools and insights that I’m certain are literally going to change my life. I didn’t know how deeply I would be healed in the process. I could go on and on pouring out the deep gratitude for this experience, but long story short: If you want to have sexy, juicy, respectful, open, nurturing, delicious and equal relationships with men; If you work with men in some capacity and want to be more effective in whatever it is that you do; or if you simply feel the way that I do, that women and men have been at war with one another for long enough, then you’ll want to check out these women and their incredible work”
“We emerged after making a pledge to our brothers that we will now be change makers of a huge shift in humanity. Stepping into a new paradigm where women do not treat men as the enemy. A new paradigm, where we help our fellow sisters to know they need not fear men. A new paradigm where women lift men up, respecting and honoring them as our equals, instead of punishing and castrating them. A new paradigm of trust, where us priestesses help men to feel safe around us. Safe to open up their hearts and vulnerability to truly feel all their feelings without any judgement. Fully supporting our brothers. A new paradigm of equality with the masculine and feminine. This is our pledge. This is our oath, dear brothers and sisters. This is game changing. I will dedicate my life to this. Let’s do this sisters”
“Wow what a week at Awakening Men. I feel like I’m going to be integrating that one for awhile! It revealed a lot of deep wounds and patterns I’ve been running in terms of relating to men. I realized how much my male relating has been stuck inside a teenagers, rejected mind frame. I have become aware of the island I’ve created around my heart to “protect’’ myself from getting hurt, but ultimately hurting myself more by denying myself some necessary parts of human relating. There is a lot of tenderness and vulnerability in this area for myself, but I am really wanting to open my heart through the awkwardness, the embarrassment, the fear of rejection, the learning and vulnerability. I want to open my eyes to the abundance of AMAZING men in this world and really invite them into my life and heart. Ending this belief of them being this strange, different species and really see them as equal in terms of their humanness, their softness and their desire as much as anyone else to be loved, accepted, seen and held.”
“There is a magic portal that opens every time the Awakening Men women come together. The vortex of getting real with oneself begins to swirl, even in the lead up and edge-pushing moments with the masculine in my life confront me. Then I step into the rabbit-hole of further growth; deeper understanding of all shades of humanity, cardiac arresting heart opening, and finding compassion for my own darkness. I emerge with a more structured Inner masculine, and an intimate knowledge of how he beautifully supports and balances the feminine essence in me. I emerge feeling balanced, and in alignment with a paradigm of peace, support and understanding between the sexes.
Venue is in Lower Plenty, Victoria. Details to supplied on registration
So that you get the most out of this experience, we recommend you make no other plans so you utilize the rest time allocated for processing your journey. The end times may be adapted as the course progresses depending on the energy of the group and what is needed.
Limited Super early bird (FIRST IN – 5 only)
$1,045 Super early bird price paid in full
Limited Early bird (FIRST IN – 5 only)
$1,210 Early bird price
4 x $312.50/2wks payment plan ($1,250 total)
Full price
4 x $362.50/2wks payment plan ($1,450 total)
6x $250/2wks payment plan ($1,500 total)

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