A 4 day immersion for MEN DESIGNED TO RELEASE DIS-EMPOWERING BELIEFS and discover how to AWAKEN the deep feminine power of the WOMEN THEY LOVE AND SUPPORT


Relating to women doesn’t have to be hard and confusing.
Awakening Women is a deeply transformative journey for those men ready to journey to their depths and question everything they thought they knew about women – and themselves.
It’s a workshop experience in Melbourne Australia facilitated by Shaney Marie,  Alejandra Nicolazzo and Jared Osborne.
This training is designed to support men to release the deep wounds they hold in relationship to women and integrate a sacred (deep, powerful and reverent) sexuality and conscious path of relating into their own life.
If you’re a man looking to gain deep understanding when it comes to women and female sexuality so that your relationships really flourish, be it as lover, husband, father or professional, this training will ‘change the game’.
The work Shaney, Alejandra and Jared do with men is described as “life changing”  “paradigm shifting” and “transformational” and that’s before they put all their knowledge and experience together. They change men’s lives.
Awakening women is a training that has the potential to completely shift all that YOU ever thought you knew about women.
  • The idea of the women in your life opening fully to her feminine power excites you
  • Women confuse and frustrate you
  • You think everything’s fine (or should be fine) but she doesn’t seem to agree
  • You struggle at times to be present or empathetic to the women in your life
  • You’re continually trying to please her or do the right thing and it doesn’t get you what you want
  • You’re excited by the idea of women really coming alive in your presence – especially your lover
  • You yearn for your lover to deeply open to you
  • You struggle to nourish yourself and care for your own needs of love and tenderness
  • You’ll discover where the blind spots are that hold you back from creating the relationships you desire with women
  • You’ll let go of stories, fears and discomfort around women and their sexuality
  • You’ll train to stay in your power and present in the face of a woman’s emotions
  • You’ll learn to decode the complexity of a woman’s expression to uncover the underlying simplicity of her needs
  • You’ll gain tools to help her melt into her sexual freedom and connected pleasure
  • You’ll understand the keys to communicating around feelings, needs and desires with women
  • You’ll awaken to ways to initiate a woman – and your own feminine –  into her secure power, aliveness and opening to love
Your outcome depends on the work you put into this during the workshop and afterward so that you go beyond knowledge and into skilfulness. However the kinds of things you can expect are:
  • You’re able to quickly ‘get’ her world and build deep rapport
  • You’ll no longer please or play distant, but instead be able to engage from an authentic powerful place
  • You’ll experience new depths of intimacy as your lover opens so much more deeply to you – on every level
  • Your feminine will be alive and thriving within you so that your self worth naturally flourishes
Venue is in Lower Plenty, Victoria. Details to supplied on registration
So that you get the most out of this experience, we recommend you make no other plans so you utilize the rest time allocated for processing your journey. The end times may be adapted as the course progresses depending on the energy of the group and what is needed.
Limited Super early bird (FIRST IN – 5 only)
$1,045 Super early bird price paid in full
Limited Early bird (FIRST IN – 5 only)
$1,210 Early bird price
4 x $312.50/2wks payment plan ($1,250 total)
Full price
4 x $362.50/2wks payment plan ($1,450 total)
6x $250/2wks payment plan ($1,500 total)
Alejandra’s journey with men commenced as an escort. She then moved on to working intimately as a Sexuality and Intimacy Coach, and currently facilitates Dancing Eros courses (taking groups of men and women through a profound journey of sexual liberation). She is a co-creator of the ‘Awakening Connections’ programs (Awakening Men and Awakening Women).
Shaney also began her journey through the sex industry as an erotic dancer. She has worked intensively with men weaving tantric practice, therapeutic creativity and ritual to transform the lives of thousands of her clients through private practice. She is also a fellow Dancing Eros facilitator. She is a well of endless visioning, and has founded various projects including ‘Orgasmic Hearts’, ‘Sex Witch’ and our very own ‘Awakening Connections’ (Awakening Men and Awakening Women).
Jared began his journey at 18 years old when he decided to tackle head on his struggle with self esteem, depression, masculinity and relationships. He found the insights and wisdom he’d gained over decades invaluable to other men – and has gone onto help hundreds of men transform their lives and intimate connections. He’s built and run numerous workshops for men, and founded Golden Body Qigong to help men live powerfully from their body. He started as a special guest at the Awakening Men training – (he rarely works with women, we are super lucky to have his deep insights), but now is also a co-creator on the Awakening Women stream!

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