Feminine Activation Training

A 3 month mastermind concluded with an intensoive 4 day immersion for women who long to lead from their dynamic feminine in the feild of erotoc empowerment.

3 months of weekly leadership calls with ShaneyFour days of deep diving into feminine practice while opening to the wild mystery of creation.

For leaders of all types, i welcome you to join a growing movement of women being called to facilitate and guide from a vessel of potent embodiment, pure creativity and deep truth.

A descent into both the enchanting and ferocious feminine fire of devotional leadership.

An initiation into the wise, potent and dynamic feminine principle; for women.

Enter a space of deep feminine worship.

A space where all parts of you are felt, loved, accepted, held & celebrated.

A space where your dark and light are danced in sacramental wonder.

This is a journey of feminine initiation, where you will unlock and activate the divine feminine blue print residing within your cosmic DNA.

A 3 month long supportive container to hone your craft, followed by a four day live immersion training.

This journey is designed to connect you to the richness of your inner world so you can lead others from integrity, wildness and magic.

Descend down and fall in love with yourself physically, emotionally, spiritually & sexually by exploring the gifts of your feminine energetic anatomy and how to birth your essence through these portals of dynamic power.

Develop your feminine embodiment practice so you are attund to the life force that moves in and through you, for a more alive path of creativity

Deepen into your very own unique feminine essence and own your unique leadership gifts.

This is a deep 5 day experience that is perfect for both new and adavanced students of the feminine, the call is really for ANY WOMAN becauase every woman leads in her own unique way whether it be the family and home, sisterhood circles, a coaching business, workshop facilitation and so on.

This course is essential for any devotee of the feminine wisdom path for it is both foundational and uniquly magical in its transmission & presentation of process.

Over the five days you will maturate your feminine magnetism through dynamic embodiment and ritual.

You will actiavte the erotic power portals of alivness to create through a pure female embodiment stream.

You will come more wholly into your self love & acceptance of your unique feminine imprint, leaving you with less anxiety about how you show up as a modern woman in this world, at this time where it has become more acceptable to be a masculine leader of womaness than it is to be the dynamic feminine.


Some things you will explore are:

– Foundational and creative practices and exersizes you can weave into your leadership work.

– Develop your intuition through rose medicine activation to enhance your ability as a seer to offer deep and resonant reflections to your loved ones or clients.

– Explore the feminine shadow and it’s facades of glamour magick can misalign you from leading with integrity.

– Discover why the masculine priciple is essential for ecstatic submission and executing your dreams.

– Explore where you sit and play within Shaneys unique feminine spectrum chart so you can play with the scope of your magical feminine essence in your “marketing”.

– Become a master of orgasmicness by learning ancient yogic practices with a modern twist that you can deliver for an edge of difference.

– Be apart of a movement of women who are embodied, relaxed, intuitive, have integrity, are orgasmic and subtley strong.

This training is for you if….


– You are a leader and influencer of any form whether it be of family, friends, community.

– You want guidence from a renowned teacher on how the feminine priciple can bring more radiance, ecstacy and love into your life.

– You are a teacher of feminine embodiment work or want to be.

– You work in the feild of transformation, but find you dont practice what you preach and need a refill of your devotional cup.

– You are a tantra massage therepist looking for different ways to offer your work.

– You want to hold sisterhood circles for your community.

– You are a coach wanting to offer a more magical and feminine touch to your work.

– You know that the pathway of embodiment is essential for a more whole experience of life.

– You want to unlock your creativity as a leader.

– You want to support and inspire your clients, friends or family members with more grace.

– You are on a mission to learn as much as possible about the sacred sexual arts.


“Shaney has  such potent magic in her soul, it emanates through her work and social media. I resonated so much with what she shared, and feel grateful to now have such amazing tools from her to use in my own life. Her craft feels real. Raw. And full. The first time I came across shaney and her work, I felt liberated, passionate, intrigued and so full inside that I had found something that I had been looking for. I knew from then I had to meet her and work with her. Shaney feels mystical and powerful. She feels more than human, more than woman, more than spirit. There’s an essence, a core fire that burns brightly within her. Subtly yet strongly nourishing and freeing people’s minds and hearts, my own included. So thank you for your wisdom Shaney, for sharing openly and for guiding me”.- Lily


“The power, warmth, heart and wisdom held by and directed through Shaney Marie birthed in her courses, has been amazing, mind blowing and electric to both behold as a witness and embody as a participant”. – Ella


“Thank you Shaney. For helping us to find the purpose of our sovereign being. For providing us a safe environment in which to expose our vulnerability. For helping us to see our partners in new light. For teaching us how to really commune with our partners. And from me for bringing all these things together such that I was able to experience energetic orgasm for the first time. You are a beautiful, gifted soul Shaney. Bless you for all the life changing work you do. – Bare


Shaney has been offering variations of this program for over 7 years.

Passionate about the quality of life available to us through our re-connection to feminine magic, depth & radiance, Shaney offers a unique teaching style of embodied facilitation.

Shaneys tranmsision of feminine wisdom is anchored in her essence, a code carrier of the feminine mysteries offering a paletable transmission of what it is to live as a subtley ecstatic feminine creator and leader.

Shaney is devoted to a path of awakening through the balance of the body with the mind, the sacred with the profane and leading women to command autonomy over their desire, body and spirit.