Hey love.

For the last 13 years i have been a serial creator of programs, worshops & retreats both live and online in the feild of sacred sexuality, archetypal dance & deep embodied transformation.

I am a visionary who has pioneered movements within the feild of feminine and magical embodiment, acting as a permission granter for thousands of women.

I offer personalised guidence in feminine business, supporting you to see your wisdom and genius to then create a body of work unique to you.

I am an advocate for creating a work lifestyle unique to you and your desires.

This is not about following a carbon copy business plan & running yourself into the ground, having no life outside of work, an undernouished or no relationship and feeling like you need to push.

You get to choose.

All sessions are intuitively guided uniquely to what is best needed for your needs, opening up a channel of magick to weave into being your future self in all her glory.