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The next online journey starts on October 5th, 2020

You are a creative miracle of infinite possibility

The devotional woman journey is an unfolding journey of the feminine mystery healing arts.


Both a permanent online portal of transmissions, erotic embodiment processes, rituals and devotional practcies as well as a week to week deep listening with the alive organism within the infinite creation portal reflecting the nature of the feminine mysteries in the body of woman.


We move with the upswell and downswell of the feminine energy, descending down from the heavens through the portal of the divine, opening to the awakening of the hearts purity and power, then submerging ourselves through the depth of the female womb, vagina & vulva.


This journey is an honouring of the slow unfurling and deep healing of the feminine in her own way coming into a deep relaxation of love, care and embodied wisdom.


Through the journey you will be guided on a path of nourishing feminine creation, honouring the organic cyclic nature of blooming open into ripe womaness.


A portal of inspiration and transformation, a reminder of the innate ancestral power of your body as a woman held not only in your own body and experience but your ancestral DNA.


Creation is your birth rite, if you are not creating something, something is dying (or slowly rotting) to create the fertile grounds for the new.


This online home of the feminine is yours forever as our devotional gift, a reminder to connect with your fundamental creation portals whenever you long to be re-inspired on your feminine path.


A sanctuary inviting you to pulse with the medicine of your devotion to self and the world around you, to deepen into your depth, sensuality, sexuality, innocence, radiance and beauty.




  • Explore your connection to divinity and being seeded by the divine, igniting your intuition and trust in being guided and supported by life
  • Receive practical tasks to support your relationship with the internal masculine principle for a more inspired actioning
  • Illuminate your inner radiance while shedding stagnant holding patterns and trauma
  • Gently develop a deeper and more intelligent connection to your heart softness, boundaries & courage
  • Connect to your authoritative and authentic power through the activation of your voidal womb space
  • Maturate your depth, unlocking the wise woman within; she who embodies her knowledge and is able to make aligned full bodied decisions about her life
  • Journey with the alchemy of slow rhythmic erotic flow, exploring sensuality and sexuality practices from the comfort of your own home
  • Breathe yourself into pleasure, aliveness, creativity and orgasmicness




All live calls are at 12pm aedt

Program opens October 5th


October 2020: 12th, 18th, 26th

November 2020, 2nd, 9th, 15th



You will:

  • Be guided through a journey of gentle feminine creation with activities and assignments
  • Weekly live group calls journeying with the feminine mystery and what is truly alive for the group
  • Lifetime membership access to all the materials & recordings
  • Interviews and bonus videos with our favourite leaders of the devotional arts
  • Be a part of ‘The Devotional Woman’ sisterhood and support group
  • Bring your relationship of womaness up to date through growing up your feminine principle from girl to queen of the cosmos!


“I’ve worked with Shaney for over 6 months now and to say my life has radically changed would be an understatement. She really has a unique transmission that allowed me to harness my fire and channel it towards my creativity rather than giving away my fire and power to others. She has guided me as I’ve tapped into my intuition (and actually LISTENED to it), deepened into my feminine, MET my inner man and finally have a sense of embodiment and integration between my masculine and feminine. It’s a feeling I wasn’t sure I would ever have, so I’m incredibly grateful to Shaney for giving me such an epic transmission of power and also guiding me to find my own”. – Michelle Panning, Sexual Empowerment Coach from



“I’ve done a lot of personal development/ journeying work over the years and worked with some amazing healers and teachers, but I have to say, nothing has been as potent and life changing as working with Shaney.When I signed up for the Devotional Woman course, I was rebuilding myself and my life after hitting rock bottom, coming out of a very unhealthy relationship, moving towns, finding my feet again financially, following my passion and starting up my business.. and 12 months later I am loving the life I have created for myself, my business is flowing, and I feel the most beautiful whole in myself in my whole life. The embodiment practices throughout the course have literally healed my chronic pain and hormonal issues, and l am experiencing deeper levels of pleasure and intimacy with myself than ever before. My relationship with men has changed, and more importantly my relationship with myself.

Shaney’s transmissions, intuition, and showing up authentically and in integrity for the 1:1 calls has been incredibly supportive. Shaney has an ability to cut to the core of issues in a nurturing and tender way, fast tracking transformation. I feel so grateful to have had the opportunity to soak up Shaney’s wisdoms and finally step into myself as an empowered devotional woman.

🖤🖤🖤Steph Avis, Devotional Bodywork,



Shaney, you have been a transmission of open loving acceptance, gentle nudging guidance, magical weaving of embodiment with lots of sprinkles of promoting self-sovereignty and responsibility. I’ve received invaluable and life-transforming… self-transforming… awakenings through the work you deliver into the world through your unique essence. xxx – Allie Morris, Embodied Venus Toowoomba




“Shaney has unbeatable combination of listening, insight, knowledge, experience, compassion and kick-assery that not only inspire me but also gets my life on track every time we had a session. Her online program are gold. She is one of my very few super-high-quality and most trusted go-to advisor when I feel stuck in my life and I am very grateful for her.

 Maeva, Holistic-Sexothérapist,




 PayMENT PLAN :  9 payments of $150 USD.

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