Sexuality, Sacredness, Self Revealing

A woman who dances with her fierce loving sensuality.

A woman who faces herself. A Dedicated woman. A potent woman. A free woman. An alive woman.

You were born into a body, a female body that holds some of the most incredible secrets in existence!

Do you even realise just how potently powerful that is?

This body holds the codes and blueprints of the creative mystery.

Every cell within this body has the potential to vibrate in complete ecstatic pleasure while also harnessing  the power to self heal, move, massage, dance and vibrate from it anything that does not serve your highest potential.

YOU ARE  a creative miricle of infinite possibility!

YOU ARE the oceans, the winds, the earth, the fires, the stars and within you is the universe itself!

The Devotional Woman is a 3 month guided online  mentorship program combined with a group journey including access to Shaney’s online portal rich in content; that provides you with a map for female energetic embodiment, depth and radiance.

Here you develop and integrate empowerment practices & principles into your day to day life to repattern your relationship to your mental body, physical body, emotional body and your sensual body.

This is a RECLAIMING of YOU!

Receive guided 1.1 coaching with Shaney to explore the unique challenges you face and be supported with video content, meditations, exersizes, group calls, rituals and informative pdf’s to work on developing your sacred practices designed for embodied empowerment.

The feminine practice comes through the body and it’s intuitive wisdom. In our cultures the feminine within us has been repressed so that the masculine priciples of development, evolution, structure could be implemented.

But now we are living in a time where there is a strong infurstructure available for us to open up the wild feminine portals to be fully expressed, known, devoted too and celebrated.

The feminine is the force within you that knows your potential and where your energy desires to flow. Developing your trust in this innate phenomenon is foundational to integral living.

This process cleanses the system of stagnation, trauma and armours supporting the development of healthy self-care behaviours.

By exploring and forming a devotional way of being, the devotional woman celebrates the body, it’s pleasure, it’s feelings and it’s sexuality from the inside out.


  • Solidify a regular and gentle transformative daily feminine movement practice for a healthy nervous system.
  • Discover and work with the female erotic power portals the breasts, womb, vulva & vagina.
  • Explore sensuality and sexuality practices from the comfort of your own home to enliven your erotic body.
  • Practices to maintain and harness your inner radiance while shedding stagnant holding patterns.
  • Practice the power of vulnerability as well as push your comfort zones for growth by BEING SEEN.
  • 12 live group calls plus fresh new weekly videos
  • 6x 1.1 online transformation sessions with Shaney (if you have paid for direct access)




  1. Welcome – Everything you need to start the journey and the fundemental core practices.
  2. Breasts & Heart– Meet The Beauty of Your Heart & Breasts and the hearts magic.
  3. Womb, depth and the potent feminine– Journey into the deep black of womb consciousness.
  4. Vulva & Vagina portal– Connect to your aliness, creativity and pussy power.
  5. The Birthing Module: integrate your learnings and consciously rebirth yourself into existence.






FEB 1 (sat) MODULE 1

FEB 16 (sun) MODULE 2


MARCH 16 (mon) MODULE 4

MARCH 30 (mon) MODULE 5

APRIL 13 (mon) MODULE 6






BONUS video transmissions will be peppered throughout the program.

If you have opted for the package with the 1.1 calls,  the calls must be completed within the 3 month time frame.

You will however have access to the online portal & FB group for however long it exists.

The live immersion training DEVOTED will also be taking place in 2020. This is an opportunity to deep dive with Shaney in a live enviroment and the online content and 1,1 online work  is supportivepreperation for the in person experiencing.


“I’ve worked with Shaney for over 6 months now and to say my life has radically changed would be an understatement. She really has a unique transmission that allowed me to harness my fire and channel it towards my creativity rather than giving away my fire and power to others. She has guided me as I’ve tapped into my intuition (and actually LISTENED to it), deepened into my feminine, MET my inner man and finally have a sense of embodiment and integration between my masculine and feminine. It’s a feeling I wasn’t sure I would ever have, so I’m incredibly grateful to Shaney for giving me such an epic transmission of power and also guiding me to find my own”. – Michelle Panning, Sexual Empowerment Coach from



“I’ve done a lot of personal development/ journeying work over the years and worked with some amazing healers and teachers, but I have to say, nothing has been as potent and life changing as working with Shaney.When I signed up for the Devotional Woman course, I was rebuilding myself and my life after hitting rock bottom, coming out of a very unhealthy relationship, moving towns, finding my feet again financially, following my passion and starting up my business.. and 12 months later I am loving the life I have created for myself, my business is flowing, and I feel the most beautiful whole in myself in my whole life. The embodiment practices throughout the course have literally healed my chronic pain and hormonal issues, and l am experiencing deeper levels of pleasure and intimacy with myself than ever before. My relationship with men has changed, and more importantly my relationship with myself.

Shaney’s transmissions, intuition, and showing up authentically and in integrity for the 1:1 calls has been incredibly supportive. Shaney has an ability to cut to the core of issues in a nurturing and tender way, fast tracking transformation. I feel so grateful to have had the opportunity to soak up Shaney’s wisdoms and finally step into myself as an empowered devotional woman.

🖤🖤🖤Steph Avis, Devotional Bodywork,



Shaney, you have been a transmission of open loving acceptance, gentle nudging guidance, magical weaving of embodiment with lots of sprinkles of promoting self-sovereignty and responsibility. I’ve received invaluable and life-transforming… self-transforming… awakenings through the work you deliver into the world through your unique essence. xxx – Allie Morris, Embodied Venus Toowoomba




“Shaney has unbeatable combination of listening, insight, knowledge, experience, compassion and kick-assery that not only inspire me but also gets my life on track every time we had a session. Her online program are gold. She is one of my very few super-high-quality and most trusted go-to advisor when I feel stuck in my life and I am very grateful for her.

 Maeva, Holistic-Sexothérapist,



Group journey $900usd

Group journey and 6 1.1. calls with Shaney  $1700usd

Payment plans available, just ask.